Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Now that much of the horror of Hurricane Katrina have passed into the need to rebuild the Mississipi and Lousiana coastal region and the aftermath, a few reflections are in order. Our state once was part of Louisiana and many people have forgotten the hope people who located to Jefferson's newly acquired lands were looking for better lives and the rich lands of Old Louisiana provided the opportunity. Unfortunately, natives of North America were battered and kicked off their ancestral lands. Nothing can be done to remedy the harm inflicted on native populations by the American people and their presidents, particularly Andrew Jackson and the Republicans who fought the Indian Wars thru the last half of the 19th century.

Presidents, good or bad, inspire actions and George W. is no exception. His inaction has certainly spurned debates over what a colossal failure his administration has been for the U. S. domestically. American foreign policy is run by those who don't mind experimenting with American lives. Iraq was a bloody place for British troops during their mandate days and Americans seem to have been completely oblivious to the history of the region, outside the Saddam age and the difficulties with Iran and the Palestinians. It seems most people have forgotten about the landmark treaty of President Carter, despite his apparent ineptitude, and its proven results for the people of Egypt and Israel. Carter was not a successful president overall, but to malign his foreign policy is foolish. Carter didn't aid a coup in Iran that toppled an elected prime minister, Mossadegh, which greatly hindered any peace with those folks. The shah was a pusillanimous, brutal dictator and America aided the U.K. in toppling him because Anglo-Iranian Oil Company were greedy for cheap oil and didn't give a damn about the suffering of rank-and-file Iranians. New Orleans seems to be very similar.

NOLA is the port of America by all accounts, particularly in tonnage of goods transported thru the region. Coffee drinkers who have pilgramaged to NOLA to see the largest green coffee port in the world know exactly how important a stop NOLA has been thru the years. The numbers of Arkansans who have spent honeymoons, vacations, conventions, and Mardi Gras in the Big Easy all know how important a city NOLA is to the history of the South. Artists such as Tennessee Williams, Louis Armstrong, and William Faulkner have found inspiration in the great American melting pot the city has been for all the years of American history. I am deeply dismayed with the whining about the expense of helping the coast dig out, like Brad Coburn of Oklahoma. If one loves America and the ideals we represent, despite problems living up to our own rhetoric, NOLA should be a pilgimage to put on the list of things to do in a lifetime. I have witnessed the kindest of acts for those who lost everything and I have heard a bit of old time populist cultural bigotry(which replaced genetic bigotry over the years), which certainly upset me to hear about the refugees in our great state.

It seems I'll hear the statement: "My heart goes out to the refugees, BUT..." I have heard enough of the buts for one lifetime. The but always describes how murderous NOLA is--might have something to do with King George II's refusal to spend money in placing 88-100,000 officers on the streets of America as the Clinton Crime Bill allowed. Violent crime dropped precipitously thru the Clinton years because he put his money where his mouth is concerning "law and order". Republicans talk and blame; Clinton pushed the Crime Bill thru Congress. Bush is a fool and anyone who tries to defend his colossal failure as president will have to be called a fool also. Our fellow Americans in NOLA, particularly in areas like the 9th Ward, seem to be living in a third world country, which squanders whatever aid trickles into their countries on Swiss villas and lavish luxuries. It was a sad sight for the "richest" nation on earth. We certainly are rich when it comes to aiding people in need and fools like Bush take our generous nature as something to be exploited for his cronies' benefit rather than celebrated and exploited for the benefit of our nation and the world.

The time has come to boot the phony jackasses from office and trample the hateful wing of the GOP underfoot forever. They have put America at grave risk. Pay them back at the polls next election cycle. Gov. Huckabee has had his problems during his tenure, but no one can question his heart. People like Huckabee have no chance of nomination in the GOP because he's a proven moderate. NOLA's tragedy (as well as the Mississippi folks and other LA coastal region) should be a remembrance of the humanity Americans have ever been capable of displaying. Don't forget the lessons we have relearned about the GOP. George W. Hoover Bush should be reviled in history.


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