Monday, May 01, 2006

NWA Times editorial disgrace

I find it quite interesting that the NW Arkansas Times decided to lobby for the renaming of the new school on Rupple Road in Fayetteville after Sen. Fulbright. In 2004, the Times threw their support to Bush's reelection effort. Fulbright and his mother, who founded the predecessor of the Times, the Fayetteville Democrat, had to be rolling over in their graves. Bush had proven his incapacity to reason his way through problematic issues, particularly the decision to take advantage of America's misery of 9/11 and the jingoistic media surge to invade a nation that HAD NO CONNECTION TO AL-QAEDA IN ANY WAY. THE AL-QAEDA CAMPS WERE LOCATED OUTSIDE SADDAM'S CONTROL BECAUSE SADDAM SAW THEM AS A THREAT TO HIS RULE. THE TWO AL-QAEDA CAMPS WITH WHICH I AM FAMILIAR WERE IN THE AMERICAN-PROTECTED KURDISH ZONE. ARCH-NEMESIS ZARQAWI WAS IN KURDISH AREAS OF IRAQ PRIOR TO THE INVASION. I felt the need to employ all caps for the moronic GOP faithful who occasionally read this blog and comment.

Times, please quit besmirching the memory of a man whose grasp of international political affiars far exceeds(present tense because a dead Sen. Fulbright could still do a better job of running our international affairs than the BILLIONAIRE'S Party of God) most of the Bush team put together because he refused to latch onto a dogma in regard to his perception of the global situation of the day and how the U.S. should react. The GOP's smoke and mirrors politics relies heavily on dogma and dogma gets people killed needlessly throughout history. I agree that Fulbright's name on a local school would be a fitting tribute. I am very disappointed in the Times' support for Bush, though I understand their need to pander to the majority of morons who live in the region.


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