Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Beware of buck

Buck attacks man in his daughter's bedroom in Bentonville Friday night. The only question...did he have to kill the beast? Deer jerky would be a fine treat this time of year. ALL hunters should have to wrestle their prey. Something not right about an 80 year old on a 4 wheeler who can hardly walk taking down such a majestic creature. No offense to all the old dudes I knew at deer camp down in S. Arkansas; I loved your dirty jokes, your lack of inhibition in swilling a bottle of Wild Turkey, and constantly stoking the fire to a nice room temperature of 96 degrees to keep the camp nice and toasty with the air maybe 40 degrees outside.

I have a healthy respect for bear and boar bowhunters. At least a miss would perhaps earn harsh consequences for poor aim. If more hunters were the hunted, I suspect a whole lot fewer folks would fill the woods with their inability to make a sane decision with a gun in hand, particularly those who've fired at sounds. I know at least 4 people who have been accidentally shot while hunting. I have been hit a number of times in a dove patch by falling sharpnel from other shooters--never broke skin. Be careful if you are going hunting this season and don't be a fool when you have a weapon in hand and for God's sake DON'T drink before or while you hunt.

Congratulations Mr. Goldsberry. You survived to tell the tale!! ..and you have a freezer full for the winter.


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