Thursday, December 08, 2005

Maria Taylor

Here's an artist from Nebraska(I assume, since her label is located in Omaha) who has a delicate sound. Maria Taylor, courtesy spinsouth blog. I've only heard two songs, but so far, I like what I hear. Has she ever been to Fayetteville to perform? Not that I'd make it. I see far too few live performances. I haven't regularly attended live performances since graduating from Little Rock's finest university. Maybe if I learned to curtail the number of pitchers I imbibe, I wouldn't avoid live music venues. It's easy to download two songs by Maria at the spinsouth site. I hate to compare her to other artists, so I won't. There have been a number of female artists the past few years worth a listen. Liz Phair, Sam Phillips, Victoria Williams, et al. Fine music these chicks produce(no offense). Take the time to listen.


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