Friday, December 02, 2005

Espionage Chinese Style

Interesting article at CS Monitor about the unique nature of China's spy network. They like to rely on amateurs. Usually Chinese nationals studying or working in the U.S. are employed as well as targeting Chinese-Americans. The decentralized spy method is more difficult than the models of other nations who spy on the U.S. to uncover, much like the sleeper-cell model employed by al-Qaeda and its confederates in their terrorist operations. Fayetteville has its share of Chinese nationals; should they all be suspected? Only if you work with industrial and military secrets, one must presume. Spying on the U.S. isn't the exclusive purview of China; American allies such as U.K., France, and Germany all spy on us as the U.S. spies on them. Industrial and military secrets can be very useful in the lucrative defense competition between allies and certainly industry secrets unrelated to the military are of value.


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