Monday, January 30, 2006

Names of victims and possible victims of alleged Canadian serial killer

Da Spook had a link to the beginning of the trial of Robert Pickton, a pig farmer who may have chopped some of the bodies into his homemade sausage, ala Motel Hell, a 70s horror flick. I thought it would be good to present a list of possible victims of Pickton's Vancouver Eastside rampage, preying on sex workers in the Canadian Pacific coast city.

"Pickton is charged in the murders of the following women:

Mona Wilson, 26 when she was last seen in November 2001.
Sereena Abotsway, 29 when she disappeared in August 2001.
Jacqueline McDonell, 23 when she was last seen in January 1999.
Diane Rock, 34 when last seen in October 2001.
Heather Bottomley, 25 when she disappeared in April 2001.
Andrea Joesbury, 22 when last seen in June 2001.
Brenda Wolfe, 32 when last seen in February 1999.
Georgina Papin, last seen in 1999.
Jennifer Furminger, last seen in 1999.
Helen Hallmark, last seen in 1997.
Patricia Johnson, last seen in March 2001.
Heather Chinnock, 30 when last seen in April 2001.
Tanya Holyk, 23 when last seen in October 1996.
Sherry Irving, 24 when last seen in 1997.
Inga Hall, 46 when last seen in February 1998.
Marnie Frey, last seen August 1997
Tiffany Drew, last seen December 1999
Sarah Devries, last seen April 1998
Cynthia Feliks, last seen in December 1997
Angela Jardine, last seen in November 1998
Diana Melnick, last seen in December 1995
Debra Jones, last seen in December 2000
Wendy Crawford, last seen in December 1999
Kerry Koski, last seen in January 1998
Andrea Borhaven, last seen in March 1997
Cara Ellis, last seen in January 1997
Jane Doe (remains found but not identified)
Pickton is implicated in the murders of the following women, but charges have not as yet been laid (incomplete list):
Yvonne Marie Boen, reported missing in March 2001
Dawn Teresa Crey, reported missing in December 2000
Unidentified woman 1
Unidentified woman 2 "

This list was compiled by a Wikipedia contributor from CBC news where a pictures list is compiled of 69 missing women with the images darkended of the women suspected to have been victims of Pickton. According to the report, sex workers began to disappear in significant numbers as early as 1978 and not until 2001 did police "hint" at their view a serial killer might have been active. A new Canadian import for TV, "Da Vinci's Inquest" has obviously ripped this scenario from the headlines. Da Vinci is a coroner in Vancouver who is crusading for his idea of a "red-light" district where sex workers could work in relative safety in a district where they could stay and work without fear of arrest. In other words, no pig farmer can come to town and take an unsuspecting prostitute away in his truck to murder her because she has nowhere safe to do her business. Not that I'm an advocate of such a proposal, but when you have 70 women murdered on your streets, a city like Vancouver should think outside the box on how to protect these women, largely addicted to hard drugs. Some of the prostitutes Pickton brought from Vancouver were part of his raves at his "Piggy Palace Good Times Society" as "entertainment," so not all would have been saved by a "red-light" district idea.

Hopefully, the families of these women will see a degree of justice meted for Mr. Pickton at the end of this trial. Nothing will bring their loved ones home to them when it's ended.


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