Friday, January 20, 2006

Times blisters KNWA

Nice editorial from the NW AR Times this morning concerning KNWA's decision to ban a program deemed offensive by the First Baptist Church of Springdale. Here's a sample of the editorial:

"Viewers didn’t demand cancellation of "The Book of Daniel" because it promotes sex and violence — both of which there is certainly too much of on the public airwaves. In this case, residents of Northwest Arkansas had a problem with the ideas the show espoused. And ideas, after all, are dangerous. Ideas make us think. As the popularity of reality TV shows us, the American people are a lot happier when they don’t have to think at all."

Let's have a big "AMEN!" for the Times. NW AR whiners want a right to NEVER have their ideas or beliefs challenged. If your ideas don't withstand a rational challenge, how credible are your ideas? Not exactly the type of citizenship conducive to the survival of our democratic republic. Watch your mindless television without challenge, like "American Idol" and other mushbrain selections.


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