Friday, January 13, 2006


I suppose the question posed by Sen. Kennedy when Alito's wife started to cry was unfair in her view. The crying began in response to Kennedy's questioning of Alito concerning his affiliation with a right-wing group at Princeton, CAP. Kennedy was reading the stated views of the group, which are certainly mainstream Repub values, but no Repub will own up to their real views they discuss at the bar(or the family values institutions like the titty bars in Houston whose business burgeoned during the most hateful, vitriolic GOP convention in history with Pat Buchanan's infamous Clarion call of Holy War in America) or at church with fellow faithful. Alito claimed not to have remembered his affiliation except to preserve the ROTC program on campus. Funny that Alito claimed membership in CAP on his resume' submitted for a Reagan administration job. It seems that Alito lied about his affiliation with CAP on his resume' or he has the same selective memory disorder of his beloved Ronald Reagan(Iran-Contra), or he is a quintessential CAP conservative who deep down believes everything Kennedy recited as CAP views. Dunno, maybe one can join a group, yet disavow the ideology of the group. That doesn't seem to be a supportive view of the group one decides to join. Perhaps he saw them as an ally to save his ROTC program and never officially joined the group. That would lead us back to the possibility that he lied on his resume'. I see what this man is all about: The end justifies the means. He needs to disavow his contact with a hateful conservative student organization at Princeton in order to smoothly take his seat on the Supreme Court and finish the conservative takeover of America. Enjoy, America! Big business is in the same position it was early in the 20th century with GOP presidents like Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover. Wilson took the presidency because TR ran against Taft and split the GOP vote in 1912. Harding was the most scandalous president in American history until Nixon's widespread corruption. Americans must learn by disaster, just like their brilliant President Dubya.

Maybe Alito will grow to beloved stature amongst Court watchers, but I don't believe that will be the case. The GOP deserve to choose the nominees since rank-and-file Americans have decided to cut their own throats to spite the "leftist" Dems by reelecting Big Oil and the Neo-Con factions to the presidency. Granted, the Dems could have chosen someone other than Kerry, but I believe we should have taken our chances and allowed someone who actually served America in combat to preside over our nation for 4 years. Sorry Mrs. Alito that some unfortunate associations in your husband's life hurt so much that you had to bawl in front of the American people on their TV sets. It was a FAIR QUESTION! I'm no fan of Sen. Kennedy, but this wasn't a cheap shot.


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