Thursday, January 05, 2006

Inching toward Rome's demise

Maccabee of Daily Kos posts a story about Bush's Brain (great book) author James Moore has been placed on the No-Fly List. If true, yet another revelation of the daily saga of troubling developments concerning the Bush administration. I suppose revealing the past of Karl Rove and his impact on this President and the political electioneering techniques perfected by GOP insiders like him is grounds for an official flag as a suspected insurrectionary or terrorist. Bush has dangerously inched us towards Gomorrha(to quote the inimitable Judge Bork), er Rome.


Blogger Steve O'Keefe said...

There is a tasty excerpt from James Moore's new book, "Rove Exposed" on the Blog. It's about the infamous campaign for chair of the College Republicans involving Karl Rove, George Bush Sr., and Lee Atwater that earned Rove a reputation for dirty tricks. Maybe that excerpt is helping keep Moore grounded?


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