Monday, May 01, 2006

Zell Miller helps enlist 3,000 Harding University/GOP faithful to serve in Iraq

Zell Miller, noted defector from the Democratic party, spoke at Harding University last week. Miller extolled the virtue of self-sacrifice his mother taught him, when an eruption of self-sacrificial feeling urged all the GOP faithful in the audience to immediately walk up the aisle to the commit themselves publicly to the cause of self-sacrifice in fighting this crucial war in Iraq. Most of the 3,000 GOP proselytes re-dedicated themselves to the commitment to fight in Iraq and in the name of Jesus, all joined the military and will likely see combat a few weeks after advanced infantry training. Godspeed young, self-sacrificing GOP faithful!!!!

In case you haven't caught on, I'm joking about the part where all the "heart of iron, feet of clay" conservative wannabe warmongers of GOP University walked down the aisle to publicly commit to service in Iraq. For such an important war in the struggle for the hegemony of our Christian God and America, there seem to be a tiny handful of Americans dedicating themselves to the successful completion of American involvement in Iraq by actually becoming soldiers to put their money where their mouth is. If you see a conservative Republican 20-something today who has never donned the uniform of freedom, make sure and congratulate them on their enlistment in the armed services to aid the effort. Then, act surprised that they haven't felt the need to serve this great nation in combat and possibly sacrifice a limb or a life(absolutley no offense intended for those who have decided to serve their nation proudly, despite the reckless nature of this invasion and the possible resulting pan-Islamic war that won't be good for the future of the world or the future of oil prices). 3,000 Harding University students joining the military would be a great start. Then Liberty U., Bob Jones U. and other conservative bastions of narrow thought and religious extremism could follow suit and enlist hundreds more young Americans to fight this war in similar Zell Miller events.

Here are some samples of Harding student reaction:

Carrie Bradon, a graduate student in education from Hazen, was among those who applauded Miller.
“His message that nothing requires sacrifice more than freedom is something we need to understand today,” she said.
Troy Marrs, a sophomore public relations major from Payson, Ga., said he was impressed by Miller’s exhortation to be persistent.
“His message to never give up really resonated because he himself had a tough time growing up,” Marrs said.

There are two cowards who made no mention of their own personal self-sacrifice for the goal of preserving "fragile" liberty. I hate to say such things, but I'm rather fatigued by the talk of GOP faithful that is never accompanied with action.


Blogger Tim O'Neil RN said...

As a Harding Alumn, I must comment. The administration absolutely backs the GOP, because we all know only Republicans go to Heaven. However, I think you would be surprised how much of the student body does not support the GOP. Only about half the student body is republican.

I did appreciate what you had to say because in my experience at HU, there is a whole lot more talk than action as far as supporting the war.

11:39 PM  
Blogger Britt Phillips said...

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12:22 PM  
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