Wednesday, November 09, 2005


On the same day 10,000+ voters rejected a 1/2 % sales tax increase to support county road improvement and maintenance in Benton County, a survey of Fayetteville citizens was released to the city council. In the survey, 68% of residents were favorable to extending the 3/4 % tax to pay for infrastructure improvements. Is this a good sign for the $143 Million dollars of road improvement vote tentatively scheduled for spring '06? A north-south corridor between 112 and 62 would be very beneficial for the need to ease traffic congestion for western Fayetteville and motorists traveling thru Fayetteville from western Washington County each day. An improved Rupple Road and Persimmon (east-west) could ease some pressure in Wedington and 6th street vicinities at the I-540 interchanges. I would like to see my ward, represented by Lioneld Jordan, in western Fayetteville get some major road improvements we've needed for some time.


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