Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The Cards have begun preparation for next season. Suppan will be back. Marquis shouldn't be back despite winning the Silver Slugger award. Marquis was a real bonehead against the Astros. He popped up a crucial bunt and flubbed an easy play to first. Jim Edmonds wins his EIGHTH Gold Glove, sixth for the Redbirds. Dunno how much longer Jim will be in St. Louis, but it's been great to watch him in center these past years. It's time Matt Morris left the Cards. He's had a decent career in St. Louis, but his time has passed. Good luck Matty Mo! We'll miss you (sorta). Cards need more consistency and another left-handed starter would be nice for Christmas. Mulder, despite disappointing outings in the post-season, looks like an excellent acquisition as every Card follower believed he would be. Talking about the Cards have me thinking about the Diamond Hogs. Can't wait for Van Horn and the Hogs to start play in February. Should be a treat to watch this year.


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