Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rogers police clerk admitted past theft, drug use on previous jobs

It seems that the least brilliant police force distinction in NW Arkansas for the largest cities must be assigned to the Rogers Police Department. A police clerk, Sheila Villalpando was arrested on suspicion of theft of $23,000 worth of cash and checks paid for fines. In two previous jobs, she admitted to the department prior to her hiring that she'd stolen approximately $1,000 and had used drugs at the work place at one of the jobs. They hired her despite her admissions. Brilliant!

It must have been really easy to catch her. It seems, though I couldn't find an archive article online, that the Rogers PD hired a man who failed a psychological screening from the Bentonville PD, then the guy was arrested for assault and battery of his significant other. If I'm wrong, if any news person reads this, please verify that for me. From racial profiling to hiring clerks to handle the money from fines with previous thefts and drug use on the job, to drawing a weapon on a working man in the early morning hours as he locks a gate to a business (me) as his company vehicle is parked and running with the lights on and the officer refused to identify himself and he didn't turn his blue lights on, they are the most self-righteous bunch of bunglers I've ever encountered. I was stopped by a Rogers officer on another early morning because I was parked outside a post office just after 9/11 to drop off some letters while in the same company vehicle. The officer thought I was a "potential terrorist"(his words); he was a complete moron who had NO BUSINESS wearing a uniform and definitely not qualified to carry a weapon. That incident can't be much worse than the Johnson PD road blocks set after the Oklahoma City bombing so they could heroically catch the bomber and propel Dean Melton, finally, to the Washington County Sheriff's office. By the way, the officer who seemed determined to use his gun on me in Rogers was the spitting image of Timothy McVeigh--- is there a connection? Rogers PD are a reckless bunch in the least.


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