Friday, February 16, 2007

Further proof: "Rosy" slide show definitive

If ever there were a clinching bit of proof that the Iraq War from conception to the present, 4 years later, has been an opportunity for the Bush administration and his favored generals under command of Moron-in-Chief Bush, official lapdog for Pres. Cheney the Cynic to fumble, bumble, and stumble. After a FOIA request, prewar slides have been exposed which presumed that by now, merely 5,000 US troops would be necessary to preserve peace in Iraq. Also, Paul Bremer has been exposed as a complete moron for disbanding the Iraqi army, not that Pres. Cheney didn't order it personally. Real genius allowing trained military personnel in a country teeming with weapons after a long history of militancy and proliferation of arms, including poisonous gases used originally by the Iraqis while allied with the U.S. in the war on the ayatollahs, to merely go home and then attacking the dispossessed after they begged for some kind of relief and a paycheck. Al-Qaeda and unaffiliated outside sources from throughout the Islamic world, not just Iran, have funneled money within Iraq to pay for American and Iraqi deaths and there's plenty more where that came from awaiting delivery. If Bush wants to launch yet another disastrous war, why not attack our "allies" to the south in Saudi Arabia. That should certainly bring all of Islam out to fight, then we can listen to that familiar "bring 'em on" manic genius Bush back to his old cocky, Texas self. Woo Hoo!!!!! BRING 'EM ON !!! Woo Hoo!!!! Visual: Black and White film, riding a rocket waving the cowboy hat all the way to hell and all the moronic Americans who voted for him and many more who didn't all the way to hell with him! In the name of Jesus, certainly, as John Hagee and his millennialist nutjob consorts would have Bush praise god for all his brilliant decisions I'm sure he'd like to blame on God at this point. Hagee wants the U.S. to invade Iran and now all that "proof" from the beginning of the week that Iran is directly complicit. Hell, they see themselves as the Pakistan of this superpower/Islamic clash. Maybe resisiting the Soviets in Afghanistan in hindsight wasn't such a brilliant maneuver by Carter and Reagan. The folks we trained and aided in ousting the Soviets are now proving equally willing and capable to use on us. I was against this Iraq War from the beginning and I'm saddened to see that some things I expected have occurred. All I needed to do was remember Beirut and Lebanon on tv every day as I grew up and the length of these sorts of wars in southern Asia. Fulbright was right about avoiding Asian land wars. He would have certainly thought the Afghan intervention necessary, but now according to recent polls, only 52% of Americans think that invasion was worthwhile. That's a terrible development. The Afghan intervention is VITAL to the prospects for achieving relative peace and calm in the future and Bush has squandered that bit of capital as well. Bush is all capitaled out at this point and should order Pres. Cheney arrested for complete failure of leadership and then Dubya should step down in disgrace and move to whatever Caribbean island he voted to move Helton's corporate office to avoid American taxation and government scrutiny while on the Helton board of directors. Sorry to ramble, but I had many things to say and little time to type it. Forgive all errors please. Wow!!!! Whoda thunk 10 years ago our nation would be brought to such avoidable peril. The Iraq War was COMPLETELY avoidable except for the fact that a man whose family has been in the war profiteering business since 1917 selling arms to the Nazis until 1942 duped America into electing yet another of that particular family to the White House and then we had the attack by Saudi Arabia on America and a golden opportunity to invade our old nemesis of HW and beat-down dictator in 2003 and get that armaments industry some more bidnet. Sorry to seem quite skeptical of any GOP or Bush/Cheney action these days. Democrats NEVER failed so miserably so quickly. Our globe is in more peril in 2007 than it was in 1967, 1968, 1973 or 1979, years China and USSR could have originated more serious global conflicts than they experienced and also could have dragged NATO and the U.S. foursquare into some seriously more bloody conflicts than Vietnam. In 1973, the Israelis reportedly were dangerously close to employing nuclear weapons in the Middle East and that wouldn't have been fun. If things don't change for the better soon including a warmer reception from NATO and the U.N. for supporting and engaging in combat in Afghanistan to repel the Taliban. Next, in Iraq we need some more creative thought in how to minimize the ill-effects before the world is war. I believed garrisoning troops in remote bases must be part of the "new" plan for Iraq. I do not agree with my fellow Dems that complete removal is vital. NO!!!!!! Bush broke it, we all bought it, just as Colin Powell predicted. Our troops need a better commander-in-chief who doesn't eschew creativity. It seems we'll have to cozy to one party or other and at this point, it looks as if we should use the Sunnis against the Shiites as a legitimate check on their power as the British did in 1920 if al-Maliki doesn't grow his own balls instead of holding tight to al-Sadr's, who seems to have conveniently slipped over to Iran. The disbanding of a legitimate fighting force which could have provided at least an esprit de corps or loyalty to a secular force, instead of the secular and ethnic loyalties inflamed today. This Iraqi "army" and police "force" unfortunately seems not to be a seamless connection. These agencies are riddled with ethnic and religious fault lines and everyone knows not to trust the other merely to survive. Bremer took away a golden opportunity to hold the fault lines together and achieve that secular loyalty. Imagine if Christian sects still killed each other in Europe? Would a Huguenot be able to trust Catholic police? In Northern Ireland, could Protestants trust Catholic police precincts or vice versa to serve their needs. Shared religious sympathies seemed to have been bona fide qualifications for serving others. Protestant cops killed and allowed the killing of countless Catholics and vice-versa. Perhaps that example further proves that an esprit de corps was impossible anyway, so maybe Bremer's personal defense is on-target. Slowly, Northern Ireland is trying to combine Catholic and Protestants in the police force, but there hasn't been much sectarian killing since the Mitchell deal. In Iraq, it would be a miracle to stop the killing. A much smaller Northern Ireland was embroiled in killings for 30 years before any real talk of peace and conciliation. Iraq is a taller order. OK, I'm done.


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