Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love them frog legs!

From Brummet's blog:
January 24, 2007
"Frog leg-filled room
On the matter raised here that Beebe might put Paul Suskie on the Public Service Commission, I am reliably advised that Beebe asked Dustin McDaniel if that would be all right with him, and McDaniel said sure. Suskie fought McDaniel hard in the Democratic runoff for attorney general, you might recall. It was civil. Winners can be magnanimous, though I doubt McDaniel would sign off on Beebe's naming Gunner DeLay to anything, not that Beebe would. Someone pointed out that, if he names Suskie, and apparently that's not for sure, Beebe will be giving a second major appointment to a North Little Rockian, after Cliff Hoofman to the Highway Commission. It happens that I last recall seeing Hoofman and Suskie together wearing aprons and funny hats cooking and serving frog legs for Beebe's big fund-raiser at Alltel Arena late last summer. The ticket to appointment in this administration may be frog legs."

Maybe not just the frog legs, but Suskie should be given a place at the table of AR government to see if he has the wherewithal to make a favorable impression with voters who weren't familiar with him last November. For the record, I LOVE FROG LEGS! And no, they don't taste like chicken, although, having grown up in the Delta harvesting frogs from farm canals, and creeks along farmers cotton/soybean/milo fields, they may have had more of a DDT flavor. Farm-raised frogs aren't nearly as tasty, since no risk of bear attack (saw fresh tracks along shore one night near the White River Refuge) or water mocassin attack while dragging our boat through logjams, or crashing shore to catch the frog before he jumped and put him in the "toad" sack for later cleaning, or any of a number of creatures and nutcase crankheads cooking in the woods makes one appreciate God's bounty more.

I have no particular problem with Hoofman's appointment, despite Wonkette's fun had in this Highway Commission appointment for a drunk driver who forgot his native tongue one night in the late Nineties. Live and learn. Perhaps Cliff committed a "youthful indiscretion" as former Congressman Hyde of Illinois, whose long-time "love affair" with a woman who wasn't his wife while in his Fifties and Sixties was described as such. I suppose Hyde will live to 200 years old. Hyde was one of the chief accusers of Pres. Clinton for a sexual encounter he chose not to reveal as Henry would have preferred concerning his own "youthful" fling. Hoofman wasn't a bad legislator and highways was indeed an issue of concern while serving. So far, so good with Beebe's administration. Wonkette is based in DC, where forgiveness of public/private stupidity has attracted headlines each time crackhead Marion Barry(not to be confused with OUR Marion Berry, Congressman) wins another election. Hoofman wasn't exactly smokin' crack with a prostitute, though his crime was still serious.

I'm liking what I'm seeing so far from the Legislature, although some of the familiar nutty bills still seem to find their way onto committee dockets and pass. A good source is Brummett's blog or the new Delphi blog. The next item I'm curious to see is Arkansas' reaction to the universal healthcare initiatives similar to ARKids First, but extended to all ages. It would be nice to stick one in the eye of the holyites who preach "Christian" values, but NEVER show the least bit of concern for the underpriveleged. The Holtinistas preach compassion, but would vote to deny infant children of immigrants the basic necessities of life. They preach their "pro-life" rhetoric of preventing all abortions, but once the child is born, we get Holt propoasals to cut off innocent children from pre or post-natal care. Shameless bastards! I don't remember hearing that self-righteous, petty, cruel behavior towards fellow humans is godly in nature. Government sponsored pre- or post-natal care is Soviet, according to the Holtinistas. Universal care is slowly becoming an economic stimulus issue instead of a mere moral issue. Big business only cares about morality when millions of dollars in lawsuits to correct immoral action are on the line.

On one hand, GM and Ford claim they move manufacturing lines to Canada because they aren't weighed down with the reponsibility to provide healthcare to current and retired employees, thus they make more per car produced in Canada than the U.S. On the other hand, GM and Ford fight tooth and nail against any universal healthcare for fellow Americans. Let's get into the patriotic argument at this juncture. What's patriotic about telling your fellow Americans to fuck off and moving manufacturing to Canada where universal healthcare is a moral concern primarily which has become an economic stimulus issue that attracts good paying automotive jobs. Can Arkansas possibly have the imagination to attract manufacturing industry by taking some of the healthcare responsibility off potential industrial interests who might locate in Arkansas. Could we attract the Hino plant in Marion if such a proposal were offered? Probaly not enough time to concoct a sound bill. How many states would feel the pinch of a dwindling capacity to compete for new manufacturers and follow Arkansas' example? Toyota makes a lot more profit than American auto manufacturers because Japan also has a universal healthcare plan. Actually, ALL industrialized western nations offer universal healthcare, except the U.S. There we go again knowing more than everyone else in our global community. More Americans fall into the ranks of the uninsured while the "cultural warrios" of the Christian Wrong battle for the moral soul of America, yet universally vote to keep their own fellow citizens in poor health and poverty. Our unisured citizens usually wait until their health concerns become crises and shortens their lifespan. Do the Christian wackos(not ALL Christians, but the more politically active right-wingers do hold some dangerous, wacko ideas) ever show the slightest concern for the massive plight of the un- and under-insured in America? Hell, no!

These are dangerous times for America internationally, but among the states of the union, some exciting new currents in legislation are sure to follow.


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