Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Blackhawk Down's" nefarious Aideed clan back in charge, thanks to the Bush administration

Gen. Mohamed Farah Aideed, late warlord who was the focus of the American raid depicted in the movie "Blackhawk Down", now has his former associates, including financial backer Osman Hassan Ali Atto and Aideed's son and successor, Hussein Farah Aideed in power as part of the "official" government of Somalia lately triumphing over an Islamic faction, al-Ittihad al-Islamiyya (Islamic Unity), with Ethiopian and American aid and arms, and troops supporting the sweep from Baidoa to Mogadishu southward. In other words, any American whose blood boiled witnessing the bodies of slain American pilots dragged through the streets, now have lived to see the Republican disaster known as the Younger Bush administration and son of Elder Bush who first commited American troops to Somalia after his defeat in a reelection bid in 1992(losing to AR fav son Bill Clinton) has aided the Aideed clan in regaining "respectability" in the eyes of US policy-makers. Approximately 20 Americans died, including 18 Rangers and possibly as many as 1,000 Aideed loyalists and bystanders perished on the bloody urban battleground.

I'm not saying that I'm outraged, Aideed, who went by the name Hussein Farah(Prime Minister of Somalian unity government is Hassan Abshir Farah) while a serving member of the USMC in Somalia prior to the bloody showdown/ambush/whatever you want to call it(the young Farah Aideed fled to California to avoid the bloodlet in Somalia) . He took over for his father, slain in a battle in 1996, as head of the clan. Aideed the Younger hasn't publicly chastised his clan for the incident. Perhaps he believes 1,000 lives is a worthy trade; dunno about his predilection. Politically, he must preserve the sacred memory of that clan of their desecration of American corpses following the battle or he might be ousted and killed as clan leader. Aideed can be very useful to Unocal and Conoco, and other oil interests salivating over the chance to drill for Somali oil,i.e., the executive branch of the US government. I wonder how many Americans who would seek vengeance on that clan for the desecrations of the American dead know their "war hero" Bush is responsible for the Ethiopian push into Somalia and the employment of American airpower to place the Farahs and Aideeds back into power in Somalia? Politically, there's not a lot of choice, unless one buys the necessity argument for ousting al-Ittihad while far more dangerous terror groups operate freely and independently of the Islamic courts.

I know this particular phase of the conflict has oil at the essence of this push. Somalia has oil discovered a generation ago, but left unsevered because of the oil glut of supply in the early 80s. A friendly, secular government in Somalia is welcome, but the underlying reasons will always include oil. $200 barrels of oil would cripple our nation and possibly lead to more dangerous conflicts of national survival, so I don't truly dismiss oil availability as a valid excuse for warmaking, speaking strategically, but I am irked by this disastrous decision to invade Iraq. If oil was the primary impetus for this invasion and somehow this notion is proved, Bush should be impeached and heads should roll. SOMALIA IS NOT IRAQ! Somalia(as was Vietnam, actually) is a backwater that can only produce a barely negligible effect on the world situation. Iraq is in the epicenter of some very dangerous circumstances that can lead to horrifying consequences with diplomatic and military missteps.

The plot continues to thicken....


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