Sunday, October 22, 2006

New construction around Fayetteville not bad; Vote November 7 for Democrats--Save America from Ruin

The past week, our regional version of high-rise building has been popping up throughout our city. The Lindsey Building on Joyce had their ceremonial opening last week and it looks good. It is one of those ugly all-glass buildings with a strudy skeleton-brick facade on the front that makes it all look good in the new "financial" district of north Fayetteville near the Mall and CMN development. Also, notorious civic whiner Bill Underwood unveiled plans for their Dickson Street property along with AMA Realty and it looks good. Underwood, some might remember, tried to ruin Mt. Sequoyah by building a road over it conventiently allowing his Cliffs dwellers to have a pleasant route to their apartment that bypassed the (whisper:) south side of Fayetteville from downtown more easily than following Lafayette to Mission to Crossover to the Cliffs. Underwood also hates Bikes, Blues, and BBQ and can't seem to put his imaginative powers to work to produce stuff that those overweight yuppie Harley(and other brands) riders might want to spend their money for. Razorback and biker jewelry could be some quick-cash answers for Underwood's "lost weekend" in the jewelry business on BBBBQ weekend he could sell along the street in front of his centrally loacted store front(a nice looking builidng also).

Lindsey and Underwood deserve credit for their latest projects in Fayetteville where our aesthetic charm should be dove-tailed as they both seem to have done this time. More condos will offer a present base of potential consumers to save our downtown from the fate of other small cities which grew to become blighted larger cities throughout America with boarded-up, dangerous downtowns. Rupple Row also opened in west Fayetteville and offers yet another solution to check a potential for explosive, unnatural sprwal by promoting housing within the areas where utilities already exist. 1,900 sq. ft. townhomes on a road which might only have had a limited selection of uses that may have inclued duplex or apartment building. Thankfully, some local developers chose to test a new approach and I hope it's a beginning for that type of development in the future.

Fayetteville is doing a good job managing growth at this point in its civic history. Another pig-headed GOP follower like Ben Israel is also engaged in some nice projects to enhance the look of Fayetteville's cash-cow northern "financial" district. Kudos to all, except your overt support for Asa(!) like at Israel's Tuscan development touting his fav for guv at all Dixie properties. Growth is inevitable; flawed oversight of growth in Fayetteville IS NOT!
Remember to vote Nov. 7 or absentee for two weeks prior. Let's send Lindsley Smith back to the ARLeg. The, let's send Boozman to the defense lobbying business, Asa(!) to the Homeland security lobbyist business, Holt back to the White Citizens Council he chaired in a previous life, Lagrone back to the pulpit, and Delay back to a hunter's ed course so he can own a license to hunt (or is he old enough to have been grandfathered and no longer forced to go through the hunter's ed course) for the first time to tickle the ears of his pro-gun, pro-hunt "allies" who actually hunt.

Vote for Smith(ARLeg), Beebe(Governor), Halter(Lt. Governor), McDaniel(AG), Daniels(Secy. of State --hold your nose while you vote), and little Woody Anderson(U.S. House) this November and let's begin to take back America from the self-righteous GOP morons who hold no regard for preserving our Constitution for another 220 years.


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