Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jesus Camp: Christian equivalent to al-Aqsa, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, et al.

I must comment on the Jesus Camp documentary because it confirms what I've believed about fundamentalist Christianity for years. Fundamentalist Christianity can't possibly co-exist with our representatvie democracy, which has so far survived for 220 years(since ratification of the Constitution), particularly if the nutjobs like"Pastor" Becky Fischer whose camp is the subject of the documentary begin to dominate the "faith". The excerpts I've seen explain it all. An associate of Fischer, who is unashamed to admit that she wishes she lived in the deadly middle east, since she cited examples from Palestinian and Pakistani madrasas(where future suicide bombers receive invaluable instruction preparing them to strap on a bomb, or receive further training in an Islamic terror camp)and the Israeli state as her inspiration for the "boot camp", urged the children to pray over a life-sized cutout of George W. Disaster and some children lay prostrate before the cutout. When I attended a fundamentalist church, the congregation would have agreed that such foolishness is tantamount to idolatry, considered a sin so important as to have been included in the Ten Commandments. The camp is called "Kids on Fire"located in, of all places on earth, Devil's Lake, ND. I believe the brainwash camp is most certainly a machination of the devil. If folks who agree with the teachings of the camp continue to steamroll America with its prescription for global mass suicide, everyone will know personally how demonic these people really are. Parents who subject their children to such abuse should be beaten because they have slipped beyond the aid of a good, stern talkin'-to, so a good Humean "bloody nose" might convey the message more properly.

Interesting to me is the fact that these fundamentalist wackos who want to see a catastrophic Asian land war, which our great Senator Fulbright tried to prevent, which has already begun to smolder awaiting the great spark for which bin-Laden would be priveleged to take credit with a repeat of his Twin Towers mass murder. The region from the fringe of the Mediterranean throughout the old Soviet steppe provinces into India and beginning to rumble through southeast Asia to the fringe of the Pacific Ocean threatens to begin a mindboggling cycle of warfare and fundamentalist Christians seem overjoyed by the developments. If the fundamentalists love to send American troops needlessly into harm's way, why don't they host "Enlistment Sundays" to complement their fav "Justice Sundays" designed to take over the Supreme Court for big business lawyers, who talk the right lingo about "Christianity" and "morality", to gain approval by the Senate. Enlistment Sunday can host recruiters from the Marines, Army, and National Guard ( sorry guys, the Air Force and Navy have plenty of personnel for this particular phase of the conflict---I say "phase" because Bush's disaster may inevitably spiral into the most spectacular blunder in American history since the American people decided he needed four MORE years to complete his demonic mission to destroy the earth) to sign up all those little Christian militant children eligible for delayed entry or immediate induction and their parents to fight the Iraq War and the growing threat of Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan looming as they teach their new adherents the lessons learned from the needless Iraq War. It is IMPOSSIBLE to kill every terrorist because they have an endless supply of theocratically abused peoples under theocratic, repressive governments who are quite taken by militant Islamic leaders who would destroy any Islamic government friendly to the west. The messianic militantism movement within all three of the dominant faiths is a disturbing feature of their faiths which must be tempored by reason and diplomacy.

The "all-or-none" approach to the world advocated by militantly dogmatic religious zealots offers a natural case study for what can happen when a group or a dictator proposes that he/she/they have ALL the right answers for how to "fix" what ails the earth's inhabitants. These enities know ALL the truth and we are all going to discover those truths one way or other. Dissent will be met with harsh consequences ranging from a bit of a physical "roughing up" to imprisonment to execution because they are callously "unenlightened" and show no proof that they'll ever be capable of learning their truths. The 20th Century is one giant roadmap for the ascension of such philosophical positions and their results. WW II is a great example of the pitfalls of the intolerant "all-or-none" dogmas (read The Rebel by Albert Camus for some further enlightenment), which feed on fear and instability, much like George Dubya's administration's exploitation of the American people after one of the most terrible events in American history. The aftermath of WW I and the Great Depression were easily exploited by untrustworthy people who unleashed a deadly demon for nearly a decade on the inhabitants of earth. Enough already!!!!!


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Man, I wish this film would play's received an incredible amount of press and looks very interesting. I caught Glen Beck's television interview with the right rev. Fischer, and didn't believe her explanations for what the camera captured.

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