Saturday, November 04, 2006

Would hanging Saddam be yet another unwise decision by this failed administration

From AP:
AP Top News at 11:25 a.m. EST
Baghdad on Alert Awaiting Saddam Verdict
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - U.S. and Iraqi forces drastically tightened security across Baghdad on Saturday in advance of the expected guilty verdict against Saddam Hussein, and the Iraqi prime minister said he hoped the ousted dictator will "get what he deserves." Saddam has been on trial for murder and crimes against humanity and, if convicted, could be sentenced to death by hanging. Violence is already running high, with police finding the bodies of 87 torture victims throughout the capital between 6 a.m. Thursday and 6 p.m. Friday. Across Iraq, at least 16 people were killed or found dead on Saturday.

What in the hell is going to happen if Saddam gets hanged? Our troops have just endured one of the worst months for casualties and have recently abandoned a Shiite community to Muqtada al- Sadr, chief "architect"(among others) of the Shiite campaign to finally break the back of Sunni power ethnically cleansing areas under his control or influence of Sunni faithful. Since the U.S. unwisely took control of the war effort against Viet Minh forces for the bloody, inept French administrators, our nation has committed a series of blunders including the Iraq invasion. The second major Bush blunder is the acquiescence of the Israeli destruction of an emerging democratic government in Lebanon fresh off the incredible victory achieved after the Syrians murdered beloved Lebanese former Prime Minister Rafiki Hariri, who had planned a political comeback and hopes for curbing the influence of Syrian interests, and Syrian troops forced to leave in April 2005 after waves of protests against the assassination. The third major Bush blunder is practically abandoning Afghanistan to a reemerging Taliban. We could certainly have used more than 15-20,00 troops there after the fall of the Taliban in 2002 instead of committing our assets to a needless invasion of Iraq which seems to have been something this adminsitration desired PRIOR to the attacks on Manhattan. The fourth major blunder is the ineptitude of the Bush administration in dealing with N. Korea when DubyaDick pulled the plug on Powell's hope to continue negotiations begun in the Clinton administration seeking to curb Kim Jong-Il's plans for building nuclear armaments.

My view in this case is that if the Bush administration doesn't try to postpone execution of Saddam when he's found guilty of ordering the murders of Shiites, they should outright refuse to allow it. Shiites all want Saddam dead, but Sunnis will likely intensify their attacks forcing Shiites to murder still more Sunnis causing one hell of a conflagration, as if our troops need any more of that sort of violence. Iraq is unlike Vietnam in that there was no civil war taking place under the firm, bloody hand of Saddam. After the American invasion, there is a bloody destabilizing civil war which has given every hateful character in the global saga of Islamic radicalism a chance to join in the fray fighting literally for influence much like Afghanistan encountered after the Soviets were finally ousted. The Bush administration have created history with bloody consequences for Americans just as Carter and Reagan unwittingly(perhaps) achieved by aiding Islamic fundamentalists who sought global revolts against western-sympathizing leaders of Islamic nations. The Soviets invaded Kabul in RESPONSE to the Islamic fundamentalist revolution in Iran and hoped to quell such movements before the U.S.S.R's heavily Islamic southern satellite states erupted in the same kind of violence. The Soviets correctly assessed the impact of Khomeini's victory over western interests in ousting the Shah. Yeltsin and Putin have had their hands tied in oil-rich Chechnya throughout their administrations and have unwisely committed terrible atrocities and have blundered militarily in painful fashion wasting lives of their young people needlessly (ever the case for Soviet or czarist leadership).

Saddam's death must threaten a number of scary scenarios for actual war planners who actually have experience in combat, unlike their civilian leadership in the White House. Cheney wasn't about to expose his ass to combat, nor was HW about to let little Dubya get smoked by the notorious commie SAMs in the skies of Viet Nam. Let Saddam rot peacefully, quietly in jail for the rest of his life if his death is going to increase the risks that Iraq will overflow with worse violence and spread throughout the middle east and southern Asia. Iran has already gained another veritable province where once their influence was limited by a ruthless dictator and al-Qaeda gained real influence in a nation where a ruthless dictator correctly feared they would kill him in an instant if he let down his guard. Iraq's instability can achieve millennialist American fundamentalist Christians' desire to witness a bloody global conflict centered in the middle east, as long as they or their children don't have to fight it. A war of Armageddon proportions could kill us all with all the nutcase fundamentalists of the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Hindu faiths gaining influence and capacity to make war on those who don't share their beliefs. Edshu the Trickster is succeeding in his mission these days.


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