Saturday, October 20, 2007

Richard Allin dies

It was nice to reminisce about what was good about growing up in smalltown Arkansas as his hometown Helena. I remember the Helena he remembered though it had been years since he called it home. I've traveled much of this state and I rmember the trips to all four corners of Arkansas, towns when towns were real communities and singing voices from the Baptist church could be heard quite clearly the few blocks away at the old Ft. Curtis site to the block where Allin's Episcopalian and the Helena Methodist church set. I remember those moments as clearly as yesterday when our church held large picnics and other after church Sunday afternoon gatherings and enjoyed the day. It was nice to be transported to sights and sounds of the more villagesque approach to life was observed by so many who wanted to maintain decorum and treat others with the respect they demanded and deserved in reciprocity. The Arkansas of my childhood has dissolved, but Allin wouldn't let us forget what this state did right in those days. I've missed him since his retirement and now, we've lost one of the great people in print of yesterday. Sad to see whatn the ADG has become without folks like Richard Allin.


Blogger Jonah said...

Well said. We will all miss him.

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