Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman blowback in AR?

What does the Lieberman loss in the Democratic primary in Connecticut do for Arkansas? Not much. Lincoln and Pryor are still formidable Dems for the GOP to defeat, though a Huckabee/Pryor match-up could prove intriguing, except Pryor seems adept at controlling the debate in his previous campaigns. As the disaster of the Bush administration finally registers with a majority of actual voters, Pryor will be able to hang Huckabee with his Bush rope, though lately, Huckabee seems intent to place some distance between himself and the national GOP(guvs association news today) so he can posture as an anti-beltway Republican. He wants very little to do with their disastrous policies except to continue the encouraging words for the war on "terror"(or the war to create as many suicidal terrorists as possible to kill westerners). The Lieberman "blowback" in Arkansas will be barely negligible, since a Democrat who prevailingly voted with fellow Dems, except for his unapologetic support for neo-con fiascoes,in a moderate state has lost so not much will change with Lamont, except he will unapologetically reject neo-con foreign policy theoretics.

Nationally, it would seem that the Lieberman blowback could be an issue to follow this fall and in the '08 election cycle. What effect his loss in a generally moderate to liberal state is hard to judge in the heartland or the Sun Belt(sorry to quote Kevin Phillips, but he wrote the book on the Southern (and Western) strategy for the Nixonites). Only when an anti-war advocate wins a major race in states like Ohio, Florida, Texas, or Missouri, i.e., states away from the middle Atlantic and New England coastal shelf will a definitive blowback be discernible by moderate (to right) Dems and right-wing GOP candidates. Dems shouldn't get too excited just yet; a lot of work is yet to be accomplished before we can rest in our labor to retake America and perhaps grant us a reprieve from total collapse that seems to loom larger by the day. If Americans fail to reject GOP governance this fall, our Constitutional democracy might not survive another 219 years.


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