Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fat man in a yellow coat: John Hagee

Flipping channels on a dull day, I happened upon a fat preacher in a yellow coat (see previous blog--obesity and religion, particularly fundamentalist sects) preaching war from the pulpit of his Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. Hagee is now pushing for war with Iran to save America from destruction by Islam. Geez, Charles "the Hammer" Martel must be proud from his 1,100 year-old grave(not that Hagee would know, but Martel saved France and possibly all of western Europe from Islamic invaders based in Iberia in 732 A.D., not to be confused with pansies like Tom "the Hammer" DeLay. DeLay(aka Hottub Tom to his Christian party enthusiasts) is not exactly the picture of masculinity, much like the fat, yellow coat wearing proponent of "muscular" foreign policy radicalism Hagee.

There is a family photo of the Hagee family at his website and none of his youthful children and in-laws were donning military uniforms because someone else's children must die in these initial phases of his long anticipated battle of Armageddon cataclysmic orgy of death and destruction fundamentalists have believed in at least for the past 170 years(Counterpunch). Hagee is yet another chicken hawk bound and determined to get poor children killed in the middle east, while his children get into the "godly" business of raising a fortune for their financial well-being while they MUST still live on this earth awainting "rapture".

Hagee has been criticized in rational circles, beloved in fundamentalist "Christian Zionist" circles for his support for Israel with his group, Christians United For Israel . Now, Iran is on the Hagee radar and with his "godly" el presidente Bush in command of the nation's military assets, who knows if the notion of invasion is so far-fetched, along with Hagee's neocon cohorts like Bill Kristol (former adviser to Dan QUAYLE of all things---there's your first clue of who you're dealing with) rattling the sabers for more dead Americans whose names are NOT Kristol or Hagee. Not much has changed for chicken hawks throughout history who urge war and destruction without the first shred of circumspection or realistic assessments of what could go wrong. Chicken hawks urge war, then hide themselves and their beloved family members from serving as they'd have fellow countrymen serve.

In conclusion this afternoon of fat man in the yellow coat , Hagee sounded the alarm against Islamic folks migrating to America and the west in order to destroy it. I wonder how many imams over the years sounded the same alarm as western interests used the Islamic world's assets as personal possessions, particularly with Iran's experience with current day British Petroleum (known as Anglo-persian, then Anglo-Iranian Oil) who exploited Iran's oil wealth and paid almost nothing for the privilege, then got booted out of Iran by democratically elected Prime Minister Mussadiq and used Winston Churchill to ask the Eisenhower administration to help unseat Mussadiq and install the famously brutal and pusillanimous Shah of Iran in full control of the country.

Hagee is another "Christian Zionist" who believes all Jewish folks who don't believe Jesus to be the Messiah are bound for hell. Israeli PM Olmert doesn't really care that one of Israel's best "friends" in America believes he's going to hell unless he accepts Hagee's faith as long as America continues to provide $20 billion every five years for security assets. Hagee wants Israeli children to die in droves in order to satisfy his "godly" bloodlust and fulfil his neurotic "prophetic" worldview, which will usher in the Messiah and spare Hagee an actual physical death(you have to be a fundamentalist at one point in your life to understand what that means). It's all about fear with these "Christian" warriors. They don't fear much as long as someone else's kids are expected to fight this war for "national survival". Let's dump Hagee's fellow Texas Republicans(and national followers of their hateful brand of destructive politics) on the trashheap of history this November, then dump them from the presidency in 2008 for the very survival of our Constitutional government, saving it from Christian Reconstructionists who would be proud to serve Bush and dump all democratic elements forever and impose an Iranian-style(ironic, isn't it?) fundamentalist religious government.


Blogger Louise said...

Wow, what a fantastic blog of yours that I just dicovered! Speaking of John Hagee, I invite you to Google and type in "Powered by Christ Ministries" and click on "Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism" if you would like the real skinny on C.Z.'s historical dirty linen. It is one great read! Louise

1:50 AM  
Blogger baruch.ataheloheinu said...

Wake up americans christians! Please wake up! This man, John Hagee,is not Jesus servant.How can he serve "Zionists" when they hate God,christians,jews and everybody just for to lead the world? Behind this zionist movement is satan laughing of us. Hagee is not interested in soul salvation how Jesus teach us (Mt.5:44, 10:28. Hagee's gospel is false.The jews can not be saved by law,but only by Christ(Messiah).There are not two covenants.Hagee is very well payed by zionists and thus he sold his soul like Judah. Look please at "Zionist secret book". God bless and guard all my brothers in Jesus Christ!

8:18 AM  
Blogger baruch.ataheloheinu said...

The Zionists are not jews.They are of "the synagogue of Satan" (Rev.2:9 3:9).And Hagee's teachings are not N.T.teachings.Paul sais in Gal 1:6-8 "...But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other thanthe one we preached to you, let him be eternally condamned" I'm a new born christian, and I love the jews, but zionists like Rothschild, Rockefeller,Foxman... are not jewes,but of synagogue of Satan.BARUCH HA'SHEM, BARUCH ATAH ADONAI ELOHEINU , MELECH HA'OLAM.

12:26 PM  

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