Friday, August 11, 2006

Free speech: Republican jackass style

Dana D. Kelley, Republican idiot columnist from Jonesboro, hired as a counter to ol' right wing pal from Lyon College in Batesville Bradley Gitz(must be one of those D. James Kennedy hard right fundamentalist Presbyterians, assuming he shares the faith of his employer). Kelley and Gitz are fellow right wing opinionists for what has become of the once highly esteemed AR Gazette since the Democrat, long an outlet of the right wing agenda to destroy America for Americans, bought it out during the news wars years ago. Leave it to Kelley to choose the one time to champion free speech in championing the cause of the Ku Klux Klan and its event held in support of anti-immigration policies. Warwick Sabin commented on his AR Times blog and it's really no shock to see Kelley defending the right of the Klan to deliver a "message" to (WHITE) America about immigration in Amarillo, TX(of all places---GEE!):

"Here in America, we usually aspire to not shoot the messenger when hard truths have to be tackled. It’s worrisome that now, in the depths of the chasm into which civility and Voltairean stateliness have sunk, it’s becoming acceptable to kill the message. "

Despite the fact that we've heard the Klan's view on keeping immigrants out of America, why shouldn't counter protesters attempt to drown out the same old "message" we've heard from the Klan before? I suppose the difference between Gitz and Kelley respectively are now hard right nutjob and harder right wing nutjob. Congratulations Dana Kelley. What a frickin' moron! Give us a White Power chant for old times sake, Dana. "White Power!!!!!! " The Democrat(don't let the name fool ya--it was a GOP rag long ago) has really turned the civil rights work of the Gazette on its head. Faubus would be damned proud to hear the old racial passions stirred in AR again. Is Kelley considering a run for the AR Legislature? He's following the Faubus Formula, tried and true from 1954-1966. Geez Kelley. Another GOP opportunist who hides behind a civil rights argument just to gain a measure of revenge over civil rights legislation or poverty net programs or any of a number of New Deal reforms that have survived to this day and were correctly implemented. The fact that wages haven't increased much in 36 years doesn't seem to phase the increasingly more reactionary American voter(I'll believe polling of the level of fatigue of Americans with the GOP assault on ordinary Americans when the bastards are put back on the street to return from whence they derived their venomous hatred of America's brand of freedom).



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