Monday, September 04, 2006

Fayetteville cable channel 6 completely looney this new television season

Looney toons television viewers who formerly tuned in to Channel 6 on Fayetteville cable have lost SafeTV, Carlos Padeiro's personal gig time for those who love to watch him play guitar in favor of Daystar network, which seems to air old-time snake-oil salesman Benny Hinn ministries several times a day (though I haven't used a counter to keep tally). Hinn, this weekend, has offered sensational love offerings for your collection to treasure for years to come. For $45 and for $25 look at the great gifts you will receive:

Temple Music Box
The Bible records how our Lord Jesus worshipped in the Temple during his life and ministry. This exquisite Temple Music Box, specially commissioned by Pastor Benny Hinn exclusively for our partners and ministry friends has been painstakingly crafted and molded from hand-sculpted artwork and plays the beloved song, “Alleluia.” No other song is more closely identified with Pastor Benny’s crusade ministry. Each time you hear this universally known melody, you will be reminded of the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit who gives comfort and hope in life’s every circumstance. Order your beautiful Temple Music Box today!
Item Code: M006
Item Price: $45.00 USD

$45 too expensive for your blood? The here's our love offering of the

Names of Jesus Writing Pen
Let this pen emblazoned with the names of Jesus—Messiah, Savior, Lord of Lords, Emmanuel, Jesus, Son of God, Resurrection & Life, Alpha & Omega, and The Way—be a beautiful reminder of the power of His mighty name! Uniquely crafted for Benny Hinn Ministries partners and friends, this distinctive writing instrument is perfect for witnessing as well as for gift giving. Order several today!
Item Code: M009
Item Price: $25.00 USD

Benny Hinn is one of the most powerful men of God I've ever encountered since I PERSONALLY saw him blow his breath on a woman on TV who then collapsed unto the floor-AH! Praise God-HA! Now that's some powerful breath in Brother Hinn's mouth g-LO-ry! Why the music box plays one of the most beloved hymns Alleluia. $45 to help provide for Brother Hinn's next limo,er, hospital bed for poor children dying from disease and starvation in deepest Africa--NO, DEEPER, where cameras and reporters never venture to check, er, report on the mass chaos from which we are saving them. And gain comfort from the the Names of God writing pen for the inexpensive love offering of $25, brothers and sisters-ah. Who wouldn't feel comfort during the day of toil to whip out a pen from your pocket and read the names of our Lord?

With godly men like Benny Hinn praying for the salvation of America, how could any of us feel trepidation in our hearts?


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