Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sen. Allen: Sorry,...macaca!

In case you haven't heard about Sen. Allen's (R, VA) racist remark describing a young American of Indian descent while the young man was observing his remarks as a volunteer for the Democratic challenger, below is an excerpt of an article at AP.
Aug 24, 9:45 AM EDT
Sen. Allen Apologizes for 'Macaca' Jibe

Sen. Allen Under Fire for Controversial Remark

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Sen. George Allen personally called an opponent's aide and apologized for singling the man out almost two weeks ago with an obscure comment that has cast a shadow over the senator's White House ambitions, his campaign said.
S.R. Sidarth, a Democratic volunteer of Indian descent, was videotaping an Allen campaign event when the senator pointed to him and twice called him "Macaca." Macaca is a genus of monkeys that includes macaques, and is also considered a racial slur in some parts of the world.
"This fellow over here with the yellow shirt - Macaca or whatever his name is - he's with my opponent," Allen said.

Interesting selection of slurs, macaca, to describe a dark-skinned human being. As if monkey hasn't been used as a pejorative for dark-skinned Americans before. Every effort should be expended to capitalize on this unguarded moment for the obviously racist Senator of, gasp, the Republican party. Hard to imagine such an important office as U.S. Senator occupied by a racist minion of the GOP. Certainly plenty of forgiveness will be directed Allen's way by fellow GOP ideologues since they share similar points of view on such the issue. At Republican functions, there's a lot of wink-wink action on race going on. I should know, I've been to some of those Republican meetings in the past. The damnable enemy, at least in the Southern manifestation of the New Republican movement, is always tinged with a racial undertone in the assumed nature of behavior and ideas the party officially hate. The premise that the nation has gone to hell since integration(and certainly the New Deal and Great Society legislation, which essentially saved the South from starvation and total ruin), for instance, and their desire to wreck ALL public schools the way white Mississippi residents did in response to forced integration by pulling their kids from public schools and setting up a remarkable private school system. These are some of the folks truly clamoring to push the voucher idea down our collective throats to the chagrin of the children of the rank-and- file. No way taking money out of a public educational system would spell doom for most kids, despite the alluring idea that ALL kids can easily pick up and attend the private school of their choice. I've heard such utopian talk before and there is no way the public will benefit from such a disastrous legal theft(tyrannous majority) of public funds.

In other words, white Republicans certainly have their own code-language as they accuse "politically correct-inistas". I'm no fan of the so-called "political correctness" movement. Allen's remark was highly inappropriate and it's too bad he didn't choose someone who would knock his block off for the insult. That's the way things are solved in the South, Senator. Or so I've heard from the GOP Congressional delegation who have pushed us headlong into this disastrous war who largely don't want THEIR children serving in combat(unless you count McCain's son's latest entry into the military). They don't want their top donors to experience loss, so no draft without exemptions for this war of "survival" for the U.S. If our survival were at stake, I would imagine every 20-something would be called to serve the nation in this time of crisis. The true crisis is the mismanagement of America and Sen. Allen is part of that syndicate of doom threatening the very survival of our Constitution. The Constitution has survived since 1787 and I want it to last another 220 years.

All I know is practically ALL rank-and-file Americans decided conservatism was a bankrupt, faulty movement after their lack of response to the Great Depression in saving Americans from the hopelessness and privation of people in those days. I hope it doesn't take yet another economic cataclysm for Americans to once again see conservative politics(apologies to George will, who would disagree that I'm lumping traditional conservatives into the morally flawed neo-conservative movement) for the serious flaws it has exhibited in history and learning yet another hard lesson. What do Republicans offer? Oh great, a tax cut for a nation $8 Trillion in debt fighting a bleeding ulcer of a war that could needlessly bleed America dry(homage to David Sanders, resident AR economic spinster). Most folks don't really understand that we are merely a temporal beacon of republican democracy if we don't take care to preserve our values and our Constitution while still effectively combating the forces of Islam who seek our destruction as well as that of western civilization. Bush and Allen's faction has placed us in a more precarious position than I remember in my lifetime(two generations) and arguably since WW II and its immediate aftermath. Since our erstwhile WW II ally and Cold War opponent USSR has dissolved as a nation, some Americans have decided that diplomacy was a failed art. I know for a fact that the Cold War was not won on a battlefield. Diplomacy and a wiser deployment of military assets than we have experienced with Rumsfeld/Bush's war the past 3 1/2 years ultimately won the Cold War, along with the fundamental flaw of a controlled economy. Also, the USSR was the last place Marx or Engels expected a Marxist revolution, since Russia was hardly an industrialized giant like UK and Germany. The Marxist model was meant for an industrialized nation, not an agrarian peasant nation.

I have a million reasons to believe another decade of Republican dominance will be quite capable of destroying our nation. I do not wish to see this brilliant form of government die by collective suicide. The stakes are too high for any of us to take our duty to participate in the republican democracy for granted. In terms of parliamentary government, the key is to oppose this reckless, self-serving horde and choose the opposition in this election cycle.


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