Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I have always despised Oprah Winfrey, admittedly. I hate talk shows. I hate half-truths, and I hate phony populism. Bill Moyer's program on the rush to the Iraq War and Oprah's show "exposing" Saddam's nuclear arms buildup, despite 12 years of virtually unchallenged coalition bombing(you remember, the real coalition the elder Bush gathered prior to ousting Saddam's forces from Kuwait and southern Iraq) was an eye-opener about the woman who single-handedly hopes to push Obama on the Democratic party. Oprah wasn't propagandizing, she was just telling her viewers what is, er, wasn't. I'd be willing to wager Oprah has assets which have directly profited from the war profiteering president and vice-president's selective invasion of Iraq, which, by the way, many administration insiders tried to push Bill Clinton to undertake in 1998 (see PNAC). For the record, I will vote for Obama if he hangs on to defeat Hillary for the nomination, but I'm four-square on the side of Hillary. I have my suspicions about Obama's chances for victory over McCain because of a mixture of racism, distrust, and outright fear of a black president who rubs elbows with firebrands like Rev. Wright among white voters. I've known many black pastors over the years personally who make Wright's rhetoric look tame in comparison. My family's unexpected presence at a service at one of Arkansas' oldest black churches(in dire need of saving--Centennial Baptist in Helena---so sad to see its dilapidated condition last time I was by there), broke up a political rally planned to really turn up the hate, according to one of the flyers the ushers were removing as we entered the church. We heard the commotion when we were spotted in the parking lot and one of my father's political rivals was helping the ushers hide the pamphlets. I would have felt better about voting for Obama in the general election and I'm as fair-minded a person as most will meet. We have got to remove the War-Profiteer's Party from power, hopefully forever, and Obama has narrowed his voter pool significantly by waiting to denounce Wright. He needs white folks to vote for him too and that doesn't mean 20 somethings alone (though it's about time many appeared at the polls in droves for once) and I believe Obama can't win the older white middle class constituency because many were waiting to say "I told you so...Obama's a reparationist just like the rest of 'em (black Democratic politicians)!" Someday a black person will be elected president based on what I've seen in this election cycle. Obama nearly pulled it off, so there is hope for black Americans to have one of their own in the White House. Certainly, Obama may yet cling to victory for the Party and for the White House. If he wins, I will feel much better about his prospects for success than I ever did for Dubya the Witless. It's Hillary's time to lead this country under these circumstances. She's certainly been baptized by fire and made some very public mistakes in her time. She's also proven she has some very good ideas for America.


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