Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Election postscript: Benton County/Obama

I'm happy to say Benton County residents aren't complete fools. Keith Ferguson, Robin Green, and Courtney Henry all won their elections. Ferguson is the old time officer I knew growing up around the fire department, where my dad was a volunteer for many years. He's not a great public speaker, but he's a professional who does his job without all the self-promotion bullshit common with Andy Lee. Robin Green caught a lot of flack over her handling of the Trooper Norman shooting. I knew law enforcement folks who vilified her for prosecuting Norman, but I believe she handled the prosecution acceptably. Also, Courtney Henry bashed the HIM(Higher Image Marketing)-Holtinista Brigade over the head crushing her opponent. In case you haven't read Brummett's column I'm describing Jim Holt's HIM "agency's" work on behalf of Williams in a supposedly impartial race (by law it must be impartial after an amended act during Huckabee's time). There are some runoff races remaining, but these three elections showed some brainpower on part of the NW AR GOP, the most reactionary group in the state, next to of course, Pulaski County white-flighters.

Let's all hope Obama's inexperience doesn't completely bite him on the ass. Obama MUST win this election and try to begin reversing the GOP disaster. I'm praying Dubya the Dumbass doesn't hand Obama a nation at war with Iran as well as the Iraqi people and the Islamic diaspora's lost youth who are easy marks for those who would foster endless jihad against modernity. It's time America had another liberal in leadership. I voted for Hillary and I'm better described as a moderate Southern Democrat, but I'm not completely unhappy to push a real liberal into the White House. Carter was more liberal after office than at the end of his days in office, so he doesn't count as a liberal. Johnson was a liberal until Vietnam dragged him into the military-industrial complex's form of gutter politics. You have to admit though, the Cold War was GOOOOODDDD for business in America. If one wishes to promote the vast military-industrial complex (Ike), you are a socialist because those are technically, actually rather, government jobs. I have relatives who made a lot of money working for defense contractors.

Guaranteed health care is an HEW responsibility for our government and it's time we became a more humane nation and provided for our people. However, the lingering costs of the wars and the cost of our major companies crumbling may preclude Obama's ability to make lasting positive changes for America. He has to be a crisis manager from the first hours of his presidency. Sorry, cart before the horse; he's got to BEAT MCCAIN first! I want all those 20-somethings to get their ass to the polls and complete what they brag about having started. Obama won the nomination, sort of.


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