Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Race Ahead

Obama has all but sewn up the nomination. Let's hope he'll displace the criminally negligent Bush administration and the morally corrupt GOP majority in Congress forever in this cycle of elections. My take on the Obama pastor debacle is that Obama's history does not suggest that sort of radical thinking Wright espoused. If we narrowed our view on GOP pols' preachers, hopefully most sensible Americans would be equally horrified. I've heard my share of reactionary idiocy as I grew up in a fundamentalist Baptist environment. One of my parents' church's former pastors was a close friend of Bill Alexander, erst of 1st Congressional district, but he was no Rev. Wright. Never heard any inflammatory racial views from him. Politicians routinely visited my family church during election time and none ever took the mic. Never heard such political preaching from any of my family's pastors through the years, save the reminder that this right to vote is from God and it's a duty to exercise your right. My church had liberal Democrats as well as DINOs who eventually switched allegiance to the GOP, particularly a number of farmers who should be ashamed of themselves for supporting GOP candidates. What the hell have GOP pols ever done for American farmers? The Reagan years were such a wonderful time for family farms-shhittt! Reagan cared nothing for those platitudinal agricultural values he espoused. All propaganda, while family farms crumbled throughout his administration. Dubya's done a hell of a lot I suppose as commodities prices rise with each passing day of his disastrous administration and global food shortages threaten famine and war. So much for family values. I will support Obama with no hesitation, though I'm certain our nation would be in better hands with Hillary as our president. Too bad she failed to earn the nomination.


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