Friday, May 16, 2008

A word about ANB's collapse

Since George W. Bush has opted to declare war on the history of the United States attempting revision of FDR's impact. Now FDR is an "appeaser" of Hitler, according to the legendary genius Dubya. I personally bank at the old ANB and I want to thank FDR and his economic advisors for founding FDIC to protect folks like me who had nothing to do with the bank's poor leadership provided by Dykema. From the articles I've read in weeks prior to the takeover FDIC's was definitely a possibility. No bank would have offered to purchase ANB with the shape they'd been in since the Bush economic disaster began to truly affect us even in NW Arkansas, where we'd been practically immune from Dubya's failure of leadership. I am happy that the government was there to protect me and my assets. FDR's programs weren't enough to lift Americans out of the depth of Depression, but the programs certainly rescued Americans from complete destitution by actually trying to have a positive impact on life, unlike the GOP self-righteous assault on all but the wealthiest. Such a whine in the news today about how Dubya has actually lost some of his personal wealth since he ascended to the presidency. He's rewarded his father's people for giving the Bush family a second shot at ruining the economy for the underclasses.


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