Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary must take VP nomination if offered

Hillary put her foot square in her mouth with the Bobby Kennedy remark engendering the famous Olbermann rage. Before the remark, I thought Hillary should continue her work in the Senate. Now, she has to take the post if offered to rehabilitate her character. Not to forget the dimensions of race she included in her campaign. The Democratic party MUST WIN THIS ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!! Obama can't win working-class white voters. He can't win a southern state (maybe---the recent Mississippi election results might prove otherwise);Hillary can and would if she'd captured the nomination. I am annoyed the 20-somethings seem to have done in Hillary's hope to succeed the worst presdient in American history. Not annoyed because they voted(which is a miracle for most of their peers) for Obama. I'm annoyed because their track record porves they'll likely stay away from the polls this November. If that happens and another GOP failure-in-waiting takes the presidency, these youngsters will have possibly caused further irreparable harm. 20 somethings: Get your asses to the polls this November!

For the good of America, if Obama decides, Hillary MUST accept his plea to accompany him this election as his VP candidate.


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