Tuesday, August 02, 2005

NRA Boycott ConocoPhillips

At an Idabel, OK meeting, NRA discussed a boycott of Conoco- Phillips because the company refused to allow gunowners to store legal guns in their personal vehicles at work, as directed by an Oklahoma state law. Every time we see another nutjob worker get enough of whatever's bothering him(usually not a her) and walk out to the vehicle to pull out the legal gun(usually guns) and return to end some coworkers, NRA won't be held accountable for their occasional "insanity" moments .
I worked at a company which addressed the new right-to-carry law in Arkansas by immediately posting the bans on guns carried on-premise. Another example of dogma ruling an advocacy group such as NRA. I don't particularly hate the NRA; I would welcome a national convention in Arkansas. President Clinton never threatened to render all weapons illegal, as the NRA dogma leads the electorate to believe. A three day waiting period and strict control over high-powered rifles from China or some other foreign weapons-maker is no threat to America's 2nd Amendment right to own arms. For all the wrong reasons, NRA is all about... CONTROL.....