Monday, January 30, 2006

Names of victims and possible victims of alleged Canadian serial killer

Da Spook had a link to the beginning of the trial of Robert Pickton, a pig farmer who may have chopped some of the bodies into his homemade sausage, ala Motel Hell, a 70s horror flick. I thought it would be good to present a list of possible victims of Pickton's Vancouver Eastside rampage, preying on sex workers in the Canadian Pacific coast city.

"Pickton is charged in the murders of the following women:

Mona Wilson, 26 when she was last seen in November 2001.
Sereena Abotsway, 29 when she disappeared in August 2001.
Jacqueline McDonell, 23 when she was last seen in January 1999.
Diane Rock, 34 when last seen in October 2001.
Heather Bottomley, 25 when she disappeared in April 2001.
Andrea Joesbury, 22 when last seen in June 2001.
Brenda Wolfe, 32 when last seen in February 1999.
Georgina Papin, last seen in 1999.
Jennifer Furminger, last seen in 1999.
Helen Hallmark, last seen in 1997.
Patricia Johnson, last seen in March 2001.
Heather Chinnock, 30 when last seen in April 2001.
Tanya Holyk, 23 when last seen in October 1996.
Sherry Irving, 24 when last seen in 1997.
Inga Hall, 46 when last seen in February 1998.
Marnie Frey, last seen August 1997
Tiffany Drew, last seen December 1999
Sarah Devries, last seen April 1998
Cynthia Feliks, last seen in December 1997
Angela Jardine, last seen in November 1998
Diana Melnick, last seen in December 1995
Debra Jones, last seen in December 2000
Wendy Crawford, last seen in December 1999
Kerry Koski, last seen in January 1998
Andrea Borhaven, last seen in March 1997
Cara Ellis, last seen in January 1997
Jane Doe (remains found but not identified)
Pickton is implicated in the murders of the following women, but charges have not as yet been laid (incomplete list):
Yvonne Marie Boen, reported missing in March 2001
Dawn Teresa Crey, reported missing in December 2000
Unidentified woman 1
Unidentified woman 2 "

This list was compiled by a Wikipedia contributor from CBC news where a pictures list is compiled of 69 missing women with the images darkended of the women suspected to have been victims of Pickton. According to the report, sex workers began to disappear in significant numbers as early as 1978 and not until 2001 did police "hint" at their view a serial killer might have been active. A new Canadian import for TV, "Da Vinci's Inquest" has obviously ripped this scenario from the headlines. Da Vinci is a coroner in Vancouver who is crusading for his idea of a "red-light" district where sex workers could work in relative safety in a district where they could stay and work without fear of arrest. In other words, no pig farmer can come to town and take an unsuspecting prostitute away in his truck to murder her because she has nowhere safe to do her business. Not that I'm an advocate of such a proposal, but when you have 70 women murdered on your streets, a city like Vancouver should think outside the box on how to protect these women, largely addicted to hard drugs. Some of the prostitutes Pickton brought from Vancouver were part of his raves at his "Piggy Palace Good Times Society" as "entertainment," so not all would have been saved by a "red-light" district idea.

Hopefully, the families of these women will see a degree of justice meted for Mr. Pickton at the end of this trial. Nothing will bring their loved ones home to them when it's ended.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Masterson the Bonehead and Other Fundie News

Mike Masterson strikes again! He's becoming quite embarassing for a supposed "reporter" In his column this morning in the ADG,(registration r'qred) "Our God Paradox", Mike refuses to research his own ideas. " Our national pledge professes “one nation under God.” Let's review that statement. Between 1924 and 1954, the pledge read: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." The McCarthyist "witchhunts" of the 1950s precipitated a change in the pledge, in order to weed out "godless" commies in America(who MOST certainly would not pledge allegiance under God--as-if naively believing that they could catch commies who supposed could NEVER lie and say the pledge despite reference to God--sheesh what an imbecile!); the change was added "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Mike either wants to avoid that bit of trivia because his presumptive premise that America was once a more "godly" nation who included the phrase "under God" in all forms of patriotic endeavor. WRONG, MIKE!

He quoted serial emailer and Realtor:"Frances Langham recently sent an e-mail my way that recited excerpts which specifically honor God’s role from 50 state constitutions." Mike read the preambles of the "most liberal" states: "

Arkansas preamble: “We, the people of the state of Arkansas, grateful to Almighty God for the privilege of choosing our own form of government. . . .” Minnesota preamble: “We, the people of the state of Minnesota, grateful to God for our civil and religious liberty. . . .” California preamble: “We, the people of the state of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom. . . .” Massachusetts preamble: “[A]cknowledging, with grateful hearts, the goodness of the great Legislator of the universe, in affording us, in the course of His providence, an opportunity, deliberately and peaceably, without fraud, violence or surprise. . . and devoutly imploring His direction in so interesting a design. . . .”

Do these facts practically disprove his entire argument that God is being pushed from the public forum? Not to mention that serial emailer Langham has urged email recipients to fight against impact fees and for those, like her, who believe that God himself has commanded that smokers be able to smoke and endanger the health of restaurant workers and the non-smoking public with their meals to vote against the Fayetteville smoking ban. Some source you have there, Mike!

In other fundamentalist news, in the religion pages of the Times and the Morning News, an AP article by Rachel Zoll, the "crusading" hatemongers who ousted the "moderates and liberals" from the Southern Baptist Convention have directed their efforts to oust all who don't follow the religious correctness, which has infected the SBC for decades has been directed at "fellow conservatives" who believe in that tongue-talkin' stuff. The Crusades of the middle ages and early Renaissance managed to kill their share of fellow Christians in attacks on Irish Christians, Albigensian Christians, and Orthodox Christians. A cautionary tale for the hateful folks of the SBC who would purge everyone, except the biggest donors to SBC churches. Says a critic of the conservative takeover of the SBC:

"The Rev. Bill Leonard, dean of Wake Forest Divinity School in North Carolina and a critic of the conservative takeover, said the Southern Baptists are burdened by competing goals: attracting new members, while creating strict boundaries between the convention and other Christians that end up making them appear "mean.""The Southern Baptist leadership is so ideologically driven that it's almost impossible for them not to continually draw lines and narrow the boundaries," he said. "In the early stages, this was publicly evident with the moderates and liberals. Now, when the convention meets annually in June, you wonder who they're going to throw out this year. There's always somebody."

What a "caring, compassionate" church the SBC is molding. As I reported in an earlier blog, the whole issue stems from an attack on Rev. Wade Burleson. Burleson was an object of an effort to oust him from a membership on the Southern Baptist International Mission Board(successfully), an arm of the SBC because he believes in a "gift of the Spirit" speaking in tongues or, as the SBC crusaders describe as "'a private prayer language'", a concept that is sweeping folks targeted by missions efforts worldwide. Burleson runs a blog at and stated:

"Sadly, the Southern Baptist Convention is now moving toward a time when everyone must look the same, talk the same, act the same, believe the same on the nonessentials of the faith -- or else you will be removed as 'not one of us,'" he wrote in a Dec. 10 entry."

This "crusade" persists at time of a recrafting of the SBC image, as Zoll states:

"Southern Baptists are trying to reverse several years of stagnation in membership growth, partly through an ad campaign called "Caring People" that is meant to soften their image. Complaints of hardball church politics would undermine that effort."

Good luck recruiting fellow hard-right politicos to foster your ideological agenda against our democratic republic, SBC! These are fearful times, which usually precipitate such populist religious furors. Burleson shouldn't whine too much; he played a part in the purge of "liberals and moderates" from the SBC in years past.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Times blisters KNWA

Nice editorial from the NW AR Times this morning concerning KNWA's decision to ban a program deemed offensive by the First Baptist Church of Springdale. Here's a sample of the editorial:

"Viewers didn’t demand cancellation of "The Book of Daniel" because it promotes sex and violence — both of which there is certainly too much of on the public airwaves. In this case, residents of Northwest Arkansas had a problem with the ideas the show espoused. And ideas, after all, are dangerous. Ideas make us think. As the popularity of reality TV shows us, the American people are a lot happier when they don’t have to think at all."

Let's have a big "AMEN!" for the Times. NW AR whiners want a right to NEVER have their ideas or beliefs challenged. If your ideas don't withstand a rational challenge, how credible are your ideas? Not exactly the type of citizenship conducive to the survival of our democratic republic. Watch your mindless television without challenge, like "American Idol" and other mushbrain selections.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Larry McMurtry not the only talented McMurtry

Here's a link to James McMurtry's website. McMurtry is one of the finest artists performing music today. It's a pity he's never performed in Fayetteville since I've lived here. Since Larry has raised such a buzz with "Brokeback", it seems proper to point out James' success as a singer-songwriter. Plus, James doesn't much care for President Cheney.

Mind-boggling defense spending

An article by Winslow Wheeler at counterpunch about the incredible amount of tax dollars spent on defense. How can our nation sustain these expenditures? Our nation is hemorrhaging from this unilateral war in Iraq. Any fool who recites the list of nations "allied" with the U.S. in this expedition should recite how much money those countries have spent on the war effort. Is Kuwait going to repay us for our expenditures this time? Ha!

Reagan Secy. Webb defends fellow Marine Murtha

From Hullabaloo, a link to Webb's op-ed for NYT. An interesting take from a gung-ho(characterizations I remember when he took the Secy. position) Navy secretary from the Reagan administration. The Bush administration bullies all dissent from critics with unquestionable military credentials. Any decorated vet should EXPECT an assault on their patriotism or their war records if they dare question the imperial presidency's policies. Sounds like McCarthy from the 50s when he accused the military of harboring communists. How could anyone be proud of this president and his attacks on those who actually served in combat in defense of our nation?

NOLA update: Children are their future

The old adage "children are our future" has a sterling example for the city of New Orleans. College students returning to NOLA en masse have raised the population by 20% according to the CS Monitor. Surviving college campuses can serve the same function as a small city, plus, contribute to the need for businesses lacking employees. Now, perhaps the city can dump Nagin and start from scratch with leadership capable of reviving the destroyed city. Nagin should resign and allow someone with a rational demeanor instead of the bonehead "roust-em-up " demagogue (chocolate city!) performance exhibited at the MLK holiday commemoration Monday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Daniel" update

The "Book of Daniel" can be seen on the UPN affiliate in NW AR, reports the AR Times blog this evening (Mon. Jan. 17). Ar Times declares it a defeat for censorship. Woo Hoo! It's not the greatest show, but it is an interesting show with some excellent talent on-screen.

Book of Daniel banned from KNWA Friday lineup

KNWA announced Monday it would no longer air "The Book of Daniel" due to complaints of God's righteous warriors who inhabit NW AR who fight the "Darkside", like the Cajun God-warrior of Fox's Trading Spouses . I suppose if the Christ was depicted stoning the entire cast of characters, it would have been worthy of airing. Folks in NW AR want a vengeful Christ, not the Christ of the Beatitudes.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdon of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of God.
Matthew 5:3-10
(Return to Fr. Groeschel's article) "

The fundamentalist "wackos"(as described by superlobbyist Jack Abramoff) have been editing all the unholy talk about mercy and peacemaking for nearly 50 years from the word of God, so it's no surprise that a depiction of a merciful Christ who tries to help his priest friend on the show thru some of the lows of his life and his growing addiction to vicodin to cope just won't work for the "holiness or hell" crowd who predominate NW AR. The only "pure in heart" Christians are those who vote for neo-con Republicans hell bent on the self-fulfillment of right-wing Christendom's manic desire to see Armageddon break out in their lifetime. I remember as a teen in a So. Baptist congregation when Billy Graham urged Reagan in his dialogue with the Soviets to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons costing him some of his faithful in my church. Now, Franklin intends to countenance the Billy Graham who was a budding right-wing hack who saw NO EVIL in Nixon until he heard the tapes and saw the Watergate scandal unfold for all the world to see the corruption of the GOP's favorite holy warrior.

I suppose if the Christ was a lawyer, a detective, a homicide investigator, or a stock character coroner who stores his cold cut sandwich with organs or body fluids in his refrigerator or eats it over a dissected corpse would be more to taste for the "holiness or hell Christians" or if he hosted a show where pig innards are swallowed whole, there would be no whining. I suppose the good pastor of the show is not pure enough in heart to warrant a vision of Christ, much less a continuing conversation. Maybe if the Christ character drove the lenders from the temple...oops!...if that happened, half the fundamentalist congregations would have to empty the churches because churches are wonderful places for salesmen and lenders to network for business.

If ever there was a reason to fear the present climate in America, I would have to say that corporate ownership of news services and their inability to stand for free expression and to stand up to the worst Congress and President in the past 85 years and failed to temper the jingoism that led to the Iraq War is reason to dread the future. What if the corporate news entities had attempted to temper the "war fever" instead of exploiting it? Would we have 2,200 of the best folks who called themselves Americans still alive to enjoy their lives and their families today? It's not that I would urge a boycott of KNWA, but I am most especially concerned for the lack of courage in standing up to bullies who call themselves children of God. I am sad for the path to perdition our nation seems intent on taking today. I am sad about the right-wing madness of some of the bloggers and columnists I read in AR alone, much less all the vitriol spewed throughout America.

Seems to me fundamentalist Christians have become the persecuters these days. The admixture of politics and religion is still as dangerous as it was in the bloody centuries of Christians killing and destroying other Christians that preceded our time. Another victory for the fundamentalists in their Holy War declared in 1992 by Patrick Buchanan on behalf of the GOP. Cograts! Funny how Patrick considers the media the "neo-con media" as opposed to the mythic "liberal" media the GOP characterize today, which in GOP/Religious correctness jargon means, ANY criitcism or bad press for the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz hydra we must suffer because of the neurotic path Americans demand for their nation. Here's an example of why PJ Buchanan is 100% correct in his assessment of the American media.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Paleocon speaks out

Nice article by Pat Buchanan for American Conservative Magazine with some interesting poll numbers and an interesting take on the "human rights" rationale (one among among many--WMD, spread democracy, etc, etc.). If human rights is such a concern for neo-cons, why haven't we moved forces to eastern Chad or Darfur? Another could be why don't we invade Zimbabwe, the former "breadbasket" of Africa, needlessly sucked dry by dictator Robert Mugabe? " O-i-l", Israel, and American dominance of SW Asia are prime reasons polls of Islamic faithful claim as reasons for the American invasion of Iraq. Nice to hear Buchanan characterize the press as a neo-con press, not a "liberal" press. He's right!

Friday, January 13, 2006

...More about the Bush/Cheney racket

Paul Craig Roberts is deeply unhappy with the death of the true conservative movement and doesn't care how he illustrates his disgust.

Says Roberts : "The Bush administration, backed by the neoconservative Federalist Society, has brought the separation of powers, the foundation of our political system, to crisis. The Federalist Society, an organization of Republican lawyers, favors more "energy in the executive." Distrustful of Congress and the American people, the Federalist Society never fails to support rulings that concentrate power in the executive branch of government. It is a paradox that conservative foundations and individuals have poured money for 23 years into an organization that is inimical to the separation of powers, the foundation of our constitutional system."'

Roberts sounds like a guy who believed in conservative opposition to some of the least desirable aspects of Democratic dominance of American politics only to be kicked in the face by folks with more sinister aims for a conservative takeover of the U.S. I once subscribed to the GOP bill of goods until I became disillusioned with their complete disregard for most things I hold sacred, like the American system of government. As Roberts describes:

"Caught in gratuitous and illegal spying on American citizens, the Bush administration has defended its illegal activity and set the Justice (sic) Department on the trail of the person or persons who informed the New York Times of Bush's violation of law. Note the astounding paradox: The Bush administration is caught red-handed in blatant illegality and responds by trying to arrest the patriots who exposed the administration's illegal behavior.
Bush has actually declared it treasonous to reveal his illegal behavior! His propagandists, who masquerade as news organizations, have taken up the line: To reveal wrong-doing by the Bush administration is to give aid and comfort to the enemy."

Bush's administration of the executive branch is contrary to all the lessons I learned about our government and ideally how it should manage the affairs of America. Bush breaks the law, a brave NSA official, Russell Tice, blows the whistle, is declared "psychotically paranoid" by Defense department psychiatrists, and is fired. Granted, whistleblowers forever take a great risk and firing is one of the possible results. Yet, the mythic "rugged individualist" ethos many Americans take pride in perpetuating should push Americans to be horrified at this behavior. Still, many who support Bush refuse to point out the tinge of evil in the actions of the NSA and results of Tice's brave act. Looking at conservative bloggers in the NW AR area, Bush should ascend to sainthood for his transgressions against our free society. Tice said that if he were implementing the illegal domestic spying, he would vacuuum all possible information and take what he needs. In other words, a dragnet on communications would be instituted for maximum effectiveness since there was no accountability, not even to the FISA "rubberstamp" court. 5 warrants were denied out of scores of requests since 1978. Old Soviet guardians would have been proud of the Defense department shrinks and their politicizing of psychiatric ailments to combat dissent of all forms.

Roberts gets the final word: "Compared to Spygate, Watergate was a kindergarden picnic. The Bush administration's lies, felonies, and illegalities have revealed it to be a criminal administration with a police state mentality and police state methods. Now Bush and his attorney general have gone the final step and declared Bush to be above the law."

It has been reported that paleolithic conservative John Ashcroft declared these activities illegal. Ashcroft has long since been shown the exit door from the White House and replaced with an AG who will "tickle the ears"(quoting Paul) of the Bush/Cheney racket and sculpt legality from illegality as the neo-cons demand. P.C., I still trust our 200+ years of this American government and I am dismayed at the direction our nation is now taking. I am deeply afraid for the future of our democratic institutions while the Bush administration "attempt" to create democratic nations in the Islamic world. They certainly provide the very worst example of the "benefit" our form of government can provide for ordinary Iraqis. Bush eschews Immanuel Kant's dictum from Critique of Practical Reason to act according to that maxim which one would will to be universal law. In all fairness to Dubya, I believe few Americans follow Kant's sage advice on ethics these days. To ignore Kant is to imperil our ethical fabric. Clinton's adultery and lies to cover up the act is "kindergarten" stuff, as Roberts states. Bush's corruption is fundamental and counter to our nation's values we've accrued through some severe ethical low points, such as the acceptance of slavery as right and worthy of perpetuation, and bloodshed.


I suppose the question posed by Sen. Kennedy when Alito's wife started to cry was unfair in her view. The crying began in response to Kennedy's questioning of Alito concerning his affiliation with a right-wing group at Princeton, CAP. Kennedy was reading the stated views of the group, which are certainly mainstream Repub values, but no Repub will own up to their real views they discuss at the bar(or the family values institutions like the titty bars in Houston whose business burgeoned during the most hateful, vitriolic GOP convention in history with Pat Buchanan's infamous Clarion call of Holy War in America) or at church with fellow faithful. Alito claimed not to have remembered his affiliation except to preserve the ROTC program on campus. Funny that Alito claimed membership in CAP on his resume' submitted for a Reagan administration job. It seems that Alito lied about his affiliation with CAP on his resume' or he has the same selective memory disorder of his beloved Ronald Reagan(Iran-Contra), or he is a quintessential CAP conservative who deep down believes everything Kennedy recited as CAP views. Dunno, maybe one can join a group, yet disavow the ideology of the group. That doesn't seem to be a supportive view of the group one decides to join. Perhaps he saw them as an ally to save his ROTC program and never officially joined the group. That would lead us back to the possibility that he lied on his resume'. I see what this man is all about: The end justifies the means. He needs to disavow his contact with a hateful conservative student organization at Princeton in order to smoothly take his seat on the Supreme Court and finish the conservative takeover of America. Enjoy, America! Big business is in the same position it was early in the 20th century with GOP presidents like Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover. Wilson took the presidency because TR ran against Taft and split the GOP vote in 1912. Harding was the most scandalous president in American history until Nixon's widespread corruption. Americans must learn by disaster, just like their brilliant President Dubya.

Maybe Alito will grow to beloved stature amongst Court watchers, but I don't believe that will be the case. The GOP deserve to choose the nominees since rank-and-file Americans have decided to cut their own throats to spite the "leftist" Dems by reelecting Big Oil and the Neo-Con factions to the presidency. Granted, the Dems could have chosen someone other than Kerry, but I believe we should have taken our chances and allowed someone who actually served America in combat to preside over our nation for 4 years. Sorry Mrs. Alito that some unfortunate associations in your husband's life hurt so much that you had to bawl in front of the American people on their TV sets. It was a FAIR QUESTION! I'm no fan of Sen. Kennedy, but this wasn't a cheap shot.

Paul Craig Roberts sounds the alarm

Here's a post on sounding the alarm of more serious economic problems over the horizon for the nation we all love. P.C. says it best: if you want to work for Dubya, learn to lie or else. Our economy is in shambles and no real jobs are being created. Our deficits have reached heights unimaginable even during the Reagan administration(P.C. should know;he worked for Reagan).

Friday, January 06, 2006

Exemplar of true courage dies

Hugh Thompson, who landed his helicopter at My Lai between American troops and terrified villagers thus ending the massacre by our troops, has died of cancer at the age of 62. Thompson received death threats over his role in ending the massacre. Some argue he should have been court-martialed, not William Calley. Our political environment hasn't changed much since the Vietnam era. Ideology blinds.

Hugh Thompson did a favor for the Americans engaged in the massacre. Thankfully, Thompson saved them from far worse memories of their participation in the brutal war (those who survivied the war). Thompson stood up for true American ideals; those kids(soldiers at My Lai) needed a leader who would look out for them, not some jackass like Calley or commanders who condoned such actions who would exploit them.


A nice post on by William Rivers Pitt. The list of Republican beneficiaries of "superlobbyist" Jack Abramoff is provided by Pitt. Nice quote provided:

"It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left. Our job is to remove them from power permanently."- Jack A. Abramoff

If all Dems are leftists(just ask a Holier Than Thou GOP-er), why would Abramoff give them a dime? Abramoff's GOP largess certainly drowns the pittance of cash he donated to Dem candidates and concerned organizations. Abramoff is a partisan GOP lobbyist. Give the red herring attempt a rest!

Reader Post: "Rove Exposed" excerpt

Here's an excerpt of James Moore and Wayne Slater's latest book, Rove Exposed: How Bush's Brain Fooled America. Thanks for the link, Steve. I read Bush's Brain. I also read about the "dirty tricks" school in All the President's Men. Rove was noteworthy before the public knew his name. Some shadow this s.o.b. casts. Thanks for unleashing him on our democracy assholes!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Afghanistan update

"Iraq tactics" have spread to Afghanistan. A crowded market near the governor's office in Uruzgan province in South Central Afghanistan bore the brunt of the injuries. 10 were killed. The U.S. will be in Afghanistan for a generation I predict. I hope American soldiers will be there for a generation because there's no other way for the weak government of Afghanistan to manage under the present global and regional circumstances they face. 1,400 dead resulted from an increase in terror attacks in 2005.

Inching toward Rome's demise

Maccabee of Daily Kos posts a story about Bush's Brain (great book) author James Moore has been placed on the No-Fly List. If true, yet another revelation of the daily saga of troubling developments concerning the Bush administration. I suppose revealing the past of Karl Rove and his impact on this President and the political electioneering techniques perfected by GOP insiders like him is grounds for an official flag as a suspected insurrectionary or terrorist. Bush has dangerously inched us towards Gomorrha(to quote the inimitable Judge Bork), er Rome.

Pat Robertson, again

This Robertson character is evil incarnate. He just doesn't have a sympathetic bone in his body. He tries to gloss over his hateful words by mitigating it with "I think Sharon's a likeable fellow, but.... and Rabin..but.." Then the real master of Robertson's heart, more commonly referred to as Satan or Lucifer reveals himself. How could the Christ I remember studying be held responisble for such venom out of the mouths of his "people" like Pat. If this is all a preacher has to offer our democratic nation, then I suspect preachers should be relegated to occupying the church and keeping their mouth shut on political matters. They're like sheltered children you have to watch your language around for who knows what reason. What, is he going to personally send me to the flames? Brave Pat who sat on a ship while fellow Marines attacked a beach at Inchon during one of McArthur's finest moments as a commander(soon to be followed by his worst moment as a commander). Blaming an assassination and a stroke suffered by peacemaking Israeli PMs as wrought by God for the sin of "dividing the land" is proof positive of Pat's officially earned APOSTATE of the YEAR for 2006 as well as his honor for 2005. Cograts Pat! You accomplished in one week of 2006 what took you several months to earn in 2005!