Friday, February 17, 2006

Anatomy of a Masterson Column

This analysis of Mike Masterson's weekly column by MSB00 titled "How to Write a Mike Masterson Column" is hilarious. Check the link.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Birt Hume "Interviews" Cheney over Shooting

Hume, one of the most partisan hacks in the news biz interviewed Cheney in the wake of his shooting of fellow Republican and friend days after the incident. Jack Cafferty compares Hume's interview of Cheney as akin to Bonnie interviewing Clyde.

Also: "He(JC) insisted, however, that "running over there to the Fox network" was "seeking a safe haven" because Cheney will not "get any high, hard ones from anybody at the F-word network."

Humorous guy.

Is it my imagination or does Cheney have a heart problem which likely requires powerful meds that should NEVER be mixed with alcohol. Will we ever learn the truth about the incident?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Great vid

Here's a video montage of the wonderful years of reign of King George II (Bush, you might have guessed) link courtesy Blondesense blog. The video can be found at the filmstripinternational website. Succinct, accurate summation of the Bush years.

More Disaster Mismanagement

The moronic administration of the New Orleans disaster continues to produce more embarassment for our nation. Hundreds of mobile homes stocked at the municipal airport of Hope, AR were gathered there for distribution among the survivors of the Katrina disaster. All are brand new and fully furnished, according to Congressman Mike Ross (a graduate of Hope High) during a tour of the site. 6 parishes in Louisiana are willing to take the trailers, according to an LA Times article. Would anyone like to give a good effort at a reason why? Folks in the parishes don't want the mobile homes or the probable inhabitants to have any chance of relocating to THEIR parishes. I hate to see race injected in every argument, but that's why only 6 parishes allowed the mobiles relocated within their boundaries. To summarize:

"It's amazing that every state in the union embraced Katrina evacuees except the folks in Louisiana," FEMA spokeswoman Nicol Andrews said. "

Maybe FEMA's not to blame for THIS particular fiasco. More of that good ol' Bible Belt Christian love and compassion. Not that religious groups, fundamentalist and sane, didn't work their hearts out for the benefit of those poor folks along the Gulf coast. Louisianans' apparent disdain for fellow Louisianans is appalling. I hope I never live to see Arkansans turning their backs on fellow Arkansans. We would need to be very ashamed. I wonder if David Duke's old stomping grounds where he found political success in N. Louisiana allowed any of the trailers or very many of the refugees? Sad.