Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kayaking NW Arkansas

I've enjoyed opportunities this summer to visit several launches on Beaver Lake. I've found most outboard motorists to be quite respectful of kayakers never getting too close with their high-speed rigs. My boats are highly stable and the waves don't affect me much. I like to get some wave action on occasion since I'd rather be whitewater kayaking. However, I'm sorely hooked on lake kayaking after this summer. NW Arkansas has too many opportunities to paddle year-round to be a couch potato. No excuse to miss days on the water in this great state.

Beaver Lake has kept me interested each weekend. I've visited the lake 1 day of practically every weekend and I've almost explored the entire lake. I lack three launches on the far side of the lake. I plan several more lake tours this winter and so far, the weather has been gorgeous this fall. I would love to return to Cane Creek S.P. and Lake Chicot S.P. in winter as well, but I may have to settle for a visit to the White River Refuge along the lower White River valley near its nexus with the Arkansas River. I love that area in winter as well. There is so much water in that vicinity including other lakes and sloughs and bogs I've enjoyed visiting in the past. Plus, SE Arkansas is no fun in mosquito season or cottonmouth season(I've had one in a boat with me once while frog-hunting nearby). NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma have some really neat spots to paddle and I've enjoyed ,many on them last summer and I've begun expanding my area of interest and will update each trip worth mentioning in the future.

My interest will include more biking this winter. I really enjoyed my biking excursion at Lake Chicot S.P. with the levee road nearby. Fayetteville recently opened the new trail segment from Steele Crossing to just past North Street and I will be biking the trail quite a bit in the future. I've neglected my love of biking this summer and spent all my time paddling. I was collecting 100 plus miles per week. Too busy lately to do everything I love. Til next time.