Saturday, August 02, 2008

Could've guessed: TN church murders hate crimes

I hate to say this, but I strongly suspected the Unitarian church murders was a hate crime when first reported. The redneck asshole attacked the church reportedly because of their "liberal" views on social issues. Another piece of redneck trash who can't mind his own business. It's funny how folks across the heartland of America claim they want to live their lives without some witless asshole telling them how to live their lives. You know, that heritage of freedom celebrated by rightwingers not because they actually want to extend freedom to others, but only to those who agree with their extreme views. In other words, they revere their freedom to oppress others just like the puritans of American history. I grew up southern baptist and the baptists have completely ignored their own history in America. Massachusetts colony was a puritan theocracy that kicked Roger Brown off the premises because he was not free to practice his beliefs on their soil. He founded Rhode Island, but that's actual American history. Right-wing theocrats choose to ignore most American history, particularly concerning the founding of this country. Unfortunately, when I now hear heritage and freedom in an ad or in a statement, my sensors become alarmed that I'm about to be propagandized and I'm saddened that rednecks and jackasses have usurped "patriotism" and turned it into something ugly. Maybe that's what Michelle Obama was describing when she had her "moment" when she hurt her husband's campaign with her "proud" comment.

Jim D. Adkisson, Tennessee white trash, has fired his salvo in this "culture war" that has attacked the foundations of our democracy and our true heritage in the Constitution we once held dear. Adkisson's cynicism led to the deaths of folks who are good citizens who love their children and love their lives and love humanity. People like O'Reilly, Wildmon, Dobson, and Hagee are secretly delighted at the unitarian church murders I'll be willing to bet. They got their wish. They have their war, obviously. Not to forget the cartel that includes the Bushes have been waging war on rank-and-file Americans throughout the disastrous Dubya administration and certainly since the GOP took over Congress in 1994. At a time when our western culture is under attack by hateful Islamic believers (American right-wingers' fellow Islamic fundamentalists--that's right, there's no difference between Adkisson and Mohammed Atta, except Atta was probably much brighter than Adkisson, but just as evil), American fundamentalists have been on the attack on fellow countrymen. Adkisson declared war on our way of life and guiltless Americans just like Atta and his band of Arabian rednecks and assholes who have been granted a special favor by God to judge and murder those who disagree with their hateful wahhabi beliefs have been attacking westerners.

These murders were just as evil as the attack on the Dallas area fundamentalist church-goers, mostly children, a few years back. AMERICA SEEMS TO BE IN LOVE WITH MURDER AND MAYHEM, NOT GOD. Our fundamentalist Islamic attackers' views and acts gained tacit approval from Adkisson. As Camus described in his writing: "Every revolutionary ends by becoming either an oppressor or a heretic; every revolution ends either in police rule or insanity." People who wish to become judge, jury, executioner are all the same whether in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or Judaism. Granted, most fundamentalist Americans don't wish to endure or propagate murder and mayhem like the Adkissons and Attas of the world, but they need to tone down the hateful rhetoric and take a stand against plowing other folks values into dust like the good folks at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian fellowship suffered at the hands of a TN redneck asshole.